Mobile Ticketing Lifts Ridership for the Better

Mobile ticketing is changing the way we move – particularly the transit industry. Being able to handle your transit experience from the convenience of your smartphone is giving transit an upper hand when it comes to how riders are choosing to move. From being able to plan, track, and pay for your fare is completely influencing the transit industry for the better and ultimately, increasing transit ridership.

Transit technology lifts ridership

Technology is most effective when it solves a real problem, therefore appealing to human emotion. Consider some of the most popular apps or even one of your personal favorites – most likely it relieves a pain point for you. The problem that mobile ticketing is solving? It eliminates the anxiety and uncertainty of riding public transit.

According to a recent survey conducted by Passport, the top reason preventing people from riding public transportation is the uncertainty around whether their transit will arrive on time.

When choosing your mode of transportation, you naturally feel more comfortable selecting a method you have knowledge of and control over. If all riders could take advantage of real-time tracking for transit, there is no longer uncertainty around when their transit will arrive.  Reduce this uncertainty and you create a solution.