Moving? Mobile Transit App Makes The Transition Simple

This week you found out your company is relocating your department to Sacramento. A new city. A new job.  Your life just got a little chaotic. Starting over in a new city can pose some major obstacles, to say the least. As you prep for the big move, it can be quite overwhelming.

From packing, to finding a place to call your own, to conquering directions a la Google Maps, to determining the best route to your office via light rail or car; it’s stressful. Being able to get from point A to point B efficiently is critical, especially when you’re in a new area. As the weekend approaches, you decide to ditch unpacking your towers of boxes and explore your new stomping grounds. You could use Google Maps to make your way around the city, but you’d rather take public transportation. Public easier to get around Sacramento. What if we could make your trip as simple as possible?

As you start planning your game plan for the day, you’re going to want to make sure you’re efficiently making a transit plan. With the RideSacRT app developed by Passport, you have the ability to plan your trip, track your bus or light rail in real-time, and can manage your fares – in one single app. No more anxiety about traveling. No more wondering if your ride is delayed. No more issues managing a variety of fare payments. We’ll get you where you’re going.

Download Passport’s app through Google Play or the Apple Store!

Mobile Transit App Mobile Transit App Mobile Transit App


With the RideSacRT mobile app, you can simply pinpoint your destination, determine the best transit route, and pay for your fare. Having the ability to determine if your light rail is delayed, get an ETA on your bus, and the ability to manage fare payments through your mobile device –  RideSacRT provides the entire transit ecosystem you need to conquer a new city. There are plenty of apps that solely handle planning trips. There are apps that just handle fares. There are apps that just handle transit tracking. Splitting your time between a handful of apps is not only frustrating and time consuming, but it can provide inaccurate information and inefficiencies. With Passport’s transit app, you have the entire transit ecosystem in one single mobile app. There’s no more moving from app to app to accomplish a simple task. By downloading Passport’s app you can transform your experience in a new city, reduce anxiety, and have all the features you need in a single app. 

Tracking, planning, and handling all aspects of your trip with your mobile device provides the convenience you want and need while exploring a new place. Skip the frustrations and successfully get to your destination. With a variety of features, Passport’s app can help you conquer a new city. Let us get you where you’re going – from the convenience of your phone.