New Mobile Parking App Aims To Solve Parking Experience

GoNewHaven mobile parking app debuts in New Haven, Connecticut

With the launch of GoNewHaven mobile parking app, the city aims to handle the entire parking experience via smartphone. The convenient option to park, pay, extend, manage, and even pay for parking violations in-app gives users the control they want while they handle parking.



“Instead of a vendor-based app, this is a city-based application that residents and vendors can trust,” said Conor Kelly, Regional Vice President of Sales at Passport. “This application helps both the convenience and price of parking.”


The convenient experience isn’t just for parker’s, but vendors as well. Businesses have the functionality to set up their own account and can disperse coupons to their customers based on how much parking they want to giveaway or even completely validate customer parking fees.


Although GoNewHaven mobile parking app recently launched, Passport isn’t new to the city. New Haven also utilizes Passport’s citation management platform, which allows parking enforcement officers to streamline their workflow in real-time and handle citation issuance via their smartphone device.

The implementation of GoNewHaven will ultimately provide a platform for residents and vendors alike to handle their transportation experience.


“Most importantly for us is getting a technology partner, Passport, in on the ground floor with our parking,” said Doug Hausladen, City Transit Chief.

As the city adds mobile payment technology, it’s just the beginning for their parking innovations.