Opsman: Mobile App Improves Operations Efficiency

When you think of parking enforcement, you most likely think of an enforcement officer walking around and hand-writing tickets. Pretty dated, right? The process is not only dated, but time consuming, and not very efficient. That’s where Opsman Mobile comes into the picture. Passport’s all-in-one solution gives enforcement officers and back-end users with the functionality to handle the enforcement process with their mobile device. The mobile platform increases reliability and reduces the risk of downtime, as well as communication lags.

But what exactly are the key benefits? Let’s weigh in:


Opsman Mobile is software-based, which is a huge benefit for operators; meaning your operations do not need to purchase handheld devices. If you already own Androids, you can utilize the software without purchasing any equipment. If you do not have devices, you can determine the best Android for your operations. Our expertise has determined that Android devices are better in the field, therefore, the real decision is if an Android smartphone or tablet is best for your operations. The software integrates seamlessly with the Android device of your choosing, as well as gives users the functionality to change their preferences based on their needs and roles.

Updates & Cloud-Based

What’s worse than getting a product and having a lag period before getting the next upgrade? We feel your pain. Since Opsman is a mobile app, the updates are available to you as soon as they’re released. Want the latest feature? You got it and so does everyone else on your team. The updates are not just given to one person, but everyone. The real perk: there’s no need to re-download the app or re-sync once the updates are ready.

Opsman mobile is cloud-based, but what does that mean for my operations?

Having the functionality to get data from ticket issuance to your backoffice users is key to your operations. Want real-time information? Opsman mobile has your back. Once an enforcement officer issues a citation, your backend staff will have the data in the system immediately. With the seamless flow of information between the parties, enforcement officers no longer need to dock equipment at the end of the day to sync data.


“Once a citation has been issued by an officer with Opsman, the system automatically makes photos available available to the the back-office staff,” said Mike Mohler, Project Manager at Passport. “Being able to send pictures of the ticket in real-time allows for a smooth flow of information between back-office staff and officers in the field.”

What if an officer forgets to plug-in their device at the end of their shift?

No worries. There is no need to sync the device, the data has already been sent.There is no need to sync the device, the data has already been sent. If users are using their device without Internet access, Opsman will still allow for the issuance of citations. Since the platform is cloud-based, there’s no need to be reliant on Internet when users are out of service.


User-friendly Software

Think Opsman Mobile is out of your technology league? Think again. The mobile platform is simple for anyone to issue a citation. Without any prior experience, users can easily navigate the platform with the simple flow of the citation issuance process.

“Being able to give any officer Opsman Mobile on their device and have them successfully issue a ticket without explaining the process is huge for operations,” said Mohler. “That kind of efficiency can go a long way for operations.”


With the implementation of Opsman mobile, cities have seen an increase in their productivity levels. The City of New Haven has seen over 6.5% increase in revenue, as well as over 2.9% increase in tickets issued, which comes to over 145,000+ citations overall. It’s evident that the city is continuing to see results with Passport’s Opsman mobile platform.

Having the ability to sync data between field officers and back-office staff can greatly increase efficiency, convenience, and the overall success of a platform.