Public Transit and Its Take On Reducing Congestion

Public transit is advancing, there’s no doubt about that. With public transit growing in popularity, Americans living in areas served by public transportation┬ásave 450 million gallons of fuel annually in congestion reduction. That’s enough fuel to drive to Mars 60 times! Whoa.

As more people┬átake public transit not only will fuel emissions decrease, but overall traffic congestion will decrease. If there was no such thing as public transit, we’d see $21 billion in just congestion costs alone.



As of today, more than 7,1000 organizations provide public transportation in the United States. The numbers are continuing to grow as public transportation gains traction. With the development of mobile technology, such as Passport’s mobile transit app, rider’s will be able to fully plan, track, pay, and manage their transit experience from their fingertips.

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