The Real Reason You Don’t Take Public Transit

Maybe you’re a Millennial who takes the light rail uptown during the week or hops on the metro on the weekends. Maybe you pay for your trip via smartphone app or you’d rather complete your transaction at the kiosk. Whether you ride public transit or not, we can all agree that plenty of changes are happening industry-wide. In a recent survey, we polled 159 people about what features are most important in a transit app. Of those surveyed, 36% believed that planning their trip was the most important feature in a mobile transit app, while skipping the ticket line was closely behind at 32%.Transit-poll

With Passport’s mobile transit app, users have the ability to not only pay for their fare and track their transit option, but they can also plan their entire trip through the app. This puts the user in complete control of their trip, while providing them with a sense of immediacy.


Although public transportation is popular, many do not take it for a variety of reasons. In a recent poll, we discovered one of the biggest reasons many do not ride public transit is that they believe their ‘transit will be late’. Not having control of their wait time, potential delays, and more can be stressful for many who take public transportation for work and other time sensitive activities. However, with the launch of mobile transit apps, such as Passport’s, users have the ability to track their transit completely through their smartphone.

Mobile technology is making a major impact on the transit industry, and many changes are on the horizon for these agencies. tay tuned for our Transit E-book, which will feature exclusive statistics, articles, professional insight, and more into where the transit industry has been and where it’s going…