Transit Innovations: The Bus of the Future?

As the transportation industry makes some major changes, the innovations of the future will always be on the horizon. As of lately, ‘Olli’ has been dubbed the bus of the future. The self-driving bus features 3D printing, Olli can be accessed through the smartphone app, it can see 360 degrees, and can make decisions 100 times faster than humans. Users can even utilize voice commands, such as ‘Olli, please take me to Main Street.’ As far as who controls Olli? Completely humans. Olli predetermines pick ups and drop offs beforehand and uses sensors to keep passengers safe.

As the transit industry rapidly progresses, Passport is taking the reigns on mobile payment technology. With a transit mobile app, users can plan, track, pay, and manage their entire transit experience through a single app. Big things are happening in the industry, stay tuned for our Transit E-book, which will include exclusive statistics, feature articles from transit professionals, and more….