Three lessons on electric scooters from Charlotte City Council Member Tariq Bokhari

Charlotte is one of the three cities participating in Passport’s mobility management pilot program, which aims to test a new model for scooter management: a dynamic pricing model based on traditional parking principles.

In this video, Charlotte City Council member Tariq Bokhari talks about the scoop on scooters, the state of the pilot and lessons learned along the way.

Councilman Bokhari outlined three lessons the City of Charlotte has learned about managing electric scooters:

  1. The rider is the primary customer

The introduction of scooters created a new dynamic between scooter providers, riders and governments. Councilman Bokhari believes that the government shouldn’t be the client that the scooter companies are focusing on; it is all about the rider. The city should be an important intermediary, but at the service of citizens who will be the ones to decide where, when and with which scooter company to ride.

  1. Trust the market forces

As part of its relationship with the scooter companies, Charlotte realized that it needs to create a framework, with incentives that the scooter companies can operate within, while working toward its desired outcomes. The city identified four key areas where they wanted to see growth and innovation when it comes to scooters: location, duration, placement, and safety. As scooter companies meet or exceed expectations in these areas, they will be rewarded with lower costs and more scooters, according to the set dynamic price and cap model set up in the pilot program.

  1. You can’t manage what you can’t measure

It is impossible for cities to effectively manage any modes of transportation if they don’t understand where, how and when they are used. Charlotte found a great partner in Passport, who helped to connect the city with two others (Detroit and Omaha) in a pilot program for micro-mobility management. With Passport, the cities have been able to set measurable goals and objectives and work together on a pricing model that will lead to more ideal scooter distribution and usage.

Watch the video to learn more.