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Skiing, snowboarding and hiking attract visitors and residents alike to the Rocky Mountain town of Breckenridge, CO. The influx of tourists can result in heavy traffic and minimal parking. To improve parking in the downtown area, Breckenridge shifted from free parking to paid parking and instituted the PassportParking(R) mobile app to provide a convenient payment option to parkers. After the success of the app, Breckenridge also added Passport’s permits and license plate recognition (LPR) enforcement solutions to its parking operation. This holistic system provides Breckenridge with one streamlined platform for parking management.

“Out of all the companies we’ve worked with, Passport has been the best– they’ve been the most responsive, and we’ve been really happy with Passport and the product that they’ve offered us.” – Matthew Collver, Police Sergeant, Town of Breckenridge

With Passport

With Passport, Breckenridge is able to provide a convenient parking payment method to visitors and residents, plus an easy-to-use LPR system and ticket issuance mobile app for enforcement officers. Officers and parking office staff can easily manage all parking operations– including permits– through Passport’s powerful back-end system.

Comfort and Convenience

With the PassportParking app, drivers can pay for parking from the warmth and comfort of their cars instead of at a paystation, which can be prone to downtime. Parkers can also easily extend their sessions without Breckenridge having to pay a second merchant processing fee.

“Across the board, Passport was the most user friendly and had the best interface. For a person who had never used [the mobile parking app], it took less than 30 seconds to [park and pay].” – Matthew Collver, Police Sergeant, Town of Breckenridge

Driving Usage

With the help of the Passport marketing team, the Town of Breckenridge promoted the new parking app with validation cards for parking discounts. City Council members also made videos about how to use the app, which were used on the town’s social media channels to legitimize and build awareness of the new payment solution. The Town has implemented strong signage throughout the streets that make it easy to find and download the app for new users, and to find the relevant zone information for repeat users.

An LPR integration with Genetec’s AutoVu technology makes enforcement incredibly easy. With a LPR camera mounted onto a Breckenridge enforcement vehicle, enforcement officers can quickly scan license plates for infractions and digitally chalk vehicles in parking zones with time limitations – all in real time. By saving enforcement officers’ time during the citation process, the town has been able to transition officers into parking ambassadors who can help residents and visitors, making the parking experience more pleasant.

Agile and Efficient Ticket Issuance

Passport’s mobile ticket issuance app is a convenient tool which allows parking enforcement officers to quickly access LPN and scofflaw information. In combination with a lightweight mobile printer that enforcement officers can wear on their hips, ticket issuance is fast and efficient.

Community Connections

With a real-time mobile enforcement app, enforcement officers can be more efficient on their beats, giving them the ability to focus more on community engagement, a key initiative for this tourist destination, where officers are called Parking Ambassadors and are even trained by Breckenridge’s hospitality and tourism office.

Streamlined Parking Management

Parking, permits, and enforcement operations are all managed through one back office portal, simplifying work for the Breckenridge office staff. Parking administrators have real-time access to powerful reports such as ticket issuance heatmaps or parking and permit transaction reports, ensuring they can manage their operation with an end-to-end, cloud-based platform.

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