City Parking, Inc. Case Study

Private operator finds success with digital end-to-end parking management


Located in Richmond and Norfolk, VA, CityParking Inc. is a private parking operation with over 4,000 spaces. Its facilities serve a range of clientele, from daily business parkers to students to retail shoppers and more. Prior to implementing a mobile solution, CityParking Inc. operated in cash and manual processes, “we used honor boxes, parking attendants, and we had our own version of database…we did everything to keep things organized, including a lot of shoe boxes with cashier tickets and deposits,” said CityParking Inc. CEO David Sharrar.

The Problem

When the company acquired new lots without an honor box, it knew it was time to transition to a real-time, mobile-based solution. Putting in pay stations or kiosks was an expensive option, and the team at CityParking Inc. worried about data security with those types of systems.

“I knew if we were going to do real-time transactions, hardware solutions like pay stations and kiosks would have to store the data and then upload it, so from a security point of view, that was unattractive. Downloading an app was an attractive idea.” – David Sharrar, CEO, CityParking

The company initially launched mobile pay with another provider, but when CityParking decided to move to a mobile enforcement solution as well, it wanted all the systems on one platform. It sought a partner that could deliver a mobile end-to-end parking management system, and found that pattern in Passport.

“It’s a good product, easy to use, and the fact that everything integrates so well together is a plus. And there is a strong culture of listening and exchange of ideas. I feel valued as a [Passport] client.” – David Sharrar, CEO, CityParking, Inc.

The Solution

CityParking now has an end-to-end parking management system with Passport, the leader in transportation technology, that has resulted in cost savings, increased revenue and has provided a better parker experience. Its system includes mobile payments for parking, digital permit management and mobile enforcement, all powered by a robust back-end system.

Making the transition

When CityParking transitioned from its prior mobile payment provider to Passport, the implementation went smoothly. “The transition was easy, I don’t remember too many hiccups, and when we took down the signs from the old provider and put up the new ones, we actually saw a spike in app use,” said David Sharrar, CEO of CityParking Inc.

Flexible Permit Configurations

After deploying digital permits, they quickly became a big part of the platform for CityParking Inc. With so many types of clients to cater to, CityParking Inc. issues access cards or hang tags, and needs a system that is flexible enough to integrate with a variety of permit types. The Passport back-end can be used to manage both physical and digital permits.

Enforcement Anywhere

CityParking Inc. can issue citations at any of its locations, whether it’s a permit-driven parking deck or a surface lot for transient parkers, because citation types can easily be customized in Passport’s back-end. Plus, Passport’s system includes an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly online portal for parkers to pay tickets.

Solutions-oriented support

With Passport, CityParking Inc. has an ongoing partner. “Overall, the support is very good if not excellent in terms of the folks you talk to. They understand your questions, work hard for a solution, and arrive at a solution quickly…Everybody seems engaged and happy to be there and working toward their goals,” says Sharrar.

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