Maryland Transit Administration Case Study

Route Comparison and Interactive Planning


The Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) was going through an overhaul of its transit system, working to reduce wait times and inefficiencies. The new plan, named BaltimoreLink, aimed to create shorter, more effective routes for riders. In order to showcase the route changes, the MTA partnered with Passport to develop a sophisticated route comparison tool. The interactive trip planner was developed from the ground up in collaboration with MTA officials and made accessible through the MTA website

With Passport

The BaltimoreLink Interactive Trip Planner is a fully branded route comparison tool, allowing riders to plan their trip quickly and see in real-time the differences between the current and proposed system routes.

• Developed from a partnership-oriented approach. Weekly meetings held to brainstorm, design, and iterate the tool
• Passport’s expertise with MTA’s technical requirements and fluency with GTFS feeds and bus frequencies allowed for a seamless and timely build
• Testing and rider feedback has been positive, leading to a more streamlined experience for customers using BaltimoreLink

Riders can

• Plan their trip from start to ending destination in one tool
• See routes shown on the interactive tool with full trip instructions
• Easily compare the current route versus the new BaltimoreLink system

Agencies can

• Engage with the public if debating implementing new routes
• Implement when launching a new bus line to educate and prepare ridership
• Leverage public workshops to gather feedback to improve route planning

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