Miami-Dade Transit Case Study

Enabling a seamless mobile payment experience across Miami-Dade’s Metrorail and Metrobus



average month-over-month increase in transactions since launch


faster gate open rate than industry standard


Miami-Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works was looking for a provider that offered a single platform solution for its transit operations that riders could use across different modes of transportation and could be implemented quickly. With its growing millennial population, Miami wanted to bring a mobile ticketing solution that modernized the transit experience for its users.

“It’s important for our transit system to incorporate the latest technologies, so this agreement represents another way that we are moving forward into the future of transportation.” Alice Bravo, P.E., Director of Department of Transportation and Public Works – Miami-Dade County (DTPW)



With Passport

With Passport’s comprehensive mobile ticketing solution and its partnership with Cubic Transportation Systems (Cubic), the leading integrator of payment and information solutions for transportation systems, Miami-Dade was able to leverage the state-of-the-art technology to serve its 300,000+ daily riders.

Its mobile ticketing application, EASY Pay, allows riders to purchase their fares and manage their transit experiences from the convenience of their mobile devices.

Integration with Gates

Passport worked with Cubic to integrate its mobile ticketing platform with Cubic’s gates and software at 26 selected train stations across Miami-Dade. This integration enables the validation gates to open at speeds twice as fast (200 milliseconds) as the industry standard, enabling a fast flow of riders and a better experience.

Branded Application

A branded application that is unique to Miami-Dade was an important factor for DTPW.  Passport enabled Miami-Dade to offer a unique and consistent rider experience across different modes of transportation (buses and trains) through the EASY Pay app.

 Fast Implementation

The Passport and Cubic teams were able to implement the mobile ticketing solution in less than 90 days to meet Miami-Dade’s timeline.  DTPW received a dedicated implementation team from Passport, and field research and testing was conducted to ensure the application provided an optimal experience upon launch.

Ticket Manager

With Passport, DTPW was able to provide its transit riders with a way to seamlessly manage their transit fares for buses and trains under one account on the EASY Pay app. Users can even purchase multiple fares at once, which makes traveling easier for families and large groups.


With Passport’s mobile ticketing solution, Miami-Dade’s administrators can create custom fares for special groups or city events. For its 2017 New Year’s Eve celebration, the city created a discounted ticket, which helped prevent drunk driving. The DTPW has also created discounted fares for special eligibility groups (e.g. senior citizens, disabled).   

Back-office Efficiency

Passport’s back office platform, OpsMan, provides the city with real-time insights to make data-driven decisions. Administrators can view transaction reports, track revenues and analyze user behavior trends. They can even complete ticket refunds and gift tickets, which enhances the customer experience.

Cost Savings

With Passport’s mobile transit solution, Miami-Dade was able to save money on labor and printing costs. The platform allowed DTPW to easily manage and track money while providing a better audit trail.

Improved Flow of Riders

The mobile ticketing platform helps seamlessly move people through Miami-Dade’s transit system. Riders are able to purchase their transit fares from the convenience of their mobile devices, which helps manage the flow of commuters throughout the city. Users easily show their tickets to the Metrobus drivers to board the bus and then seamlessly transition to the Metrorail system by scanning their mobile ticket at the gates.

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