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Digital Parking Enforcement

With the rapidly changing modern curb space, cities must reimagine their traditional parking operation and the technology that supports it.

With Passport Enforcement you can:

  • Streamline your parking operations
  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Leverage Digital Permitting
  • Automate with LPR

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Future-Proof your operations
with a single, scalable platform

Manage your parking and curbs in one back-end system.

Image of citation details in Opsman Mobile Image of officer tracking feature in Enforcement product

With the rapidly changing modern curb space, cities must reimagine their traditional parking operation and the technology that supports it.

With one platform you can:

  • Manage all of your systems and data in one centralized location
  • Access other Passport product data, such as Parking or Permits for advanced reporting 
  • Integrate with 35+ other solutions and technologies that power your operation

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Eliminate Manual Processes

Go digital with your parking enforcement to save time and eliminate headaches

Image of OpsMan Mobile screen Image of ticket issuance screen in OpsMan Mobile Image of digital chalking in OpsMan Mobile

Passport’s dynamic parking enforcement solution gives officers the easy-to-use tools they need to monitor and report quickly and accurately.

Features include:

  • GPS-based ticket issuance for more accurate enforcement
  • Handheld ticketing with multiple hardware options (Zebra, N5s, bluetooth printers, etc.) and a user-friendly mobile app
  • Offline ticket issuance when no internet connection
  • Options to attach photo evidence, violator notes and internal notes for adjudication – added information that can streamline the payment and appeal process
  • Integration with license plate recognition (LPR) technology and real-time data pulls up-to-the minute intelligence
  • Digital chalking and Scofflaw management
  • More accurate vehicle data searches using ‘fuzzy’ matching
  • Incident reporting so officers can quickly make note of issues such as graffiti and broken hardware

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Digital Permit Management

Manage your operations, not stacks of paper.

Image of permits waitlist page

Managing the full permitting life cycle is laborious, especially if your team is working with physical permits and manual processes.

The Passport Permits digital solution features:

  • Flexibility to define permit types and durations, including both recurring and non-recurring
  • Digital processes for permit approvals and renewals
  • Waitlist management with customizable preference setting
  • In-application address-based residential eligibility verification. The system can use addresses provided by the operator to offer permit applicants permits in locations only eligible to their specific address
  • Process for the seamless transition of existing permit holders to Passport’s digital platform
  • Access to Passport’s OpsMan Mobile application used to monitor and enforce permit usage

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Automate with LPR

Leverage the power of technology to operate more efficiently.

License plate recognition (LPR) technology is a game-changer for enforcement teams.

LPR features:

  • Integrations with various LPR technologies
  • License plate scanning that searches for active parking sessions, permits, potential Scofflaws, and whitelist/blacklist status
  • License plate scanning to mark, track and enforce time limits/overtime

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“My initial impression of Passport was how enthusiastic the staff was and and their commitment to teamwork...not only do those thoughts still remain, but they have been validated. I am impressed with all of team members that I have had contact with from Passport.”

John Peverada, Parking Manager for Portland

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“The residents have more parking now… Our enforcement is much more efficient, we cover much more territory. They go right down the block, the camera picks up the plates, they know who’s registered, who’s not. It’s very simple. And that’s how we do our enforcement now.”

Gloria Gallo, Executive Director, Ft. Lee NJ Parking Authority

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“Out of all the companies we’ve worked with, Passport has been the best-- they’ve been the most responsive, and we’ve been really happy with Passport and the product that they’ve offered us.”

Matthew Collver, Police Sergeant, Breckenridge, CO

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