Take Control of Your Curb

Control scooter and dockless bike access to your curb space and regulate the rules of the road with a software solution from Passport

Instead of…
You can...
Banning scooters and bikes
Offer equitable transportation options to citizens
Artificially capping vehicle quantities or charging flat fees
Use parking rates to balance micro-mobility supply and demand
Creating barriers to innovation through standards-based technology
Invite innovation through standards-based technology

There’s a Better Way to Curb the Chaos

Scooters and bikes are a convenient way for citizens to traverse your city. But cities face challenges with overcrowded curbs which prevent efficient movement of pedestrians and vehicles, equitable distribution of units, and relationship-building with mobility providers.

But micro-mobility management doesn’t need to be complicated. By following the rules of parking management— paying for idle time at the curb— cities can develop policies to regulate curb space and incentivize desirable distribution of scooters and bikes, and create a foundation for strong partnerships with innovative mobility providers.

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Building Smart Cities

Stephen Goldsmith, the Director of Innovations in American Government Program at Harvard Kennedy School of Government, and former Deputy Mayor of New York and Mayor of Indianapolis, shares how cities can prepare for the future of mobility. Watch the recording of our latest webinar, “Building Smart Cities,” to learn more!

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Balance supply and demand to prevent curbside congestion.

Parking rates, managed through Passport, naturally balance the supply and demand of vehicle distribution across geographic zones and prevent the long-term parking of vehicles, which causes congestion on the curb. By establishing pricing models that incentivize mobility providers to keep their vehicles in use, proper coverage of vehicles across the city is maintained.

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Complete Commutes for Riders

Help your citizens complete their commutes with
first and last mile mobility solutions.

By consolidating data from micro-mobility providers, you can more easily spot trends in trip purpose, length, frequency, locations, and vehicle density. These insights allow you to identify areas of need for vehicle redistribution in the right place, at the right time, so your citizens can more easily access public transportation options. Passport then enables you to set rates across mobility providers to encourage vehicle distribution to those areas of need.

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Distribution Dilemmas Solved

Provide equitable distribution of micro-mobility
vehicles across your city.

Distributing scooters and bikes to underserved areas where affordable transportation is most needed for access to work or basic services can be achieved successfully through parking models. Through Passport, you can manage rates across mobility vendors based upon zones to incentivize micro-mobility vendors to place vehicles in areas of your city where they are needed most.

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Paving the way for Public-Private Partnership

Create a foundation for partnership, collaboration, and innovation among your city, mobility providers and your citizens.

Passport empowers cities by providing

  • A standard for current and future mobility providers to easily transfer session data
  • A portal through which cities can manage their entire micro-mobility environment

With this standardized platform, cities can avoid a lengthy procurement process for new technology and welcome innovation and new mobility options.

The Passport Difference

We take pride in the technology we create, but Passport is more than a software company. Our suite of professional services is unmatched in the mobility technology industry. When you work with Passport, you’ll receive:

  • Expert implementation support: A dedicated project management team will deliver training and support to ensure your implementation is as effortless as possible.
  • Dedicated client success: Your client success representative is there to help you get the most out of your Passport technology.
  • 24x7x365 customer service: We’ll be standing by to help you troubleshoot and adapt as your operation continues to evolve.

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