Take Control of Your Curb Space

Passport’s mobility management solutions enable you to control the distribution of scooters to create equitable access to micro-mobility options. Our solutions help you manage delivery fleets to reduce curb congestion and promote safety. We allow you to integrate with other mobility data providers to create a holistic view of what’s happening on your streets and sidewalks.

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Next-Level Curb Management.

  • Create pricing policies to regulate curb space and naturally balance supply and demand
  • Easily identify areas of need for vehicles and incentivize more equitable distribution of scooters
  • Manage delivery fleets through usage-based pricing to reduce congestion and promote public safety

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Explore Dozens of Innovative Micromobility Management Features

Learn more about the dozens of innovative features built into our industry-leading micromobility software and powerful mobility management platform.

Reduce Congestion

  • Develop pricing policies to regulate curb space and incentivize equitable distribution of scooters
  • Set up delivery zones for fleets to reduce improper parking in high-traffic areas
  • Limit emissions, reduce safety hazards and ensure free-flowing city streets by decreasing congestion

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First and Last Mile Solved

  • Use micromobility data to easily identify areas of need for vehicle redistribution so your citizens can more easily access public transportation options
  • Seamlessly set rates across micromobility providers to encourage vehicle distribution to underserved areas
  • Declutter sidewalks in high-traffic areas by incentivizing scooter providers to park closer to transit lines and residential communities

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Data and Reporting

  • Leverage fleet and scooter data to deliver significant changes for your communities
  • Integrate with other mobility data services to capture a holistic view of your curbside activity
  • Reconcile payments across fleet and scooter providers more efficiently than ever through one system

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Scalable Solution

  • Streamline your parking operation with Passport’s cloud-based solution that integrates mobile parking, permits, enforcement and payments into one powerful platform
  • Provide countless integration offerings, including offering parkers multiple ways to pay and providing enforcement and license plate recognition (LPR) technology for faster enforcement
  • Digitize your entire parking management operation with Passport’s mobility management platform, resulting in a more integrated, reliable and efficient infrastructure for you and your community

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Easy, Secure Payment Processing

Reduce your costs and improve your cashflow with Passport Payments

Work with a parking & transportation payments expert. Passport Payments is integrated across Passport’s mobility management platform – including connected partners – making it simple to process payments, and manage and collect your daily credit and debit card funds.

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined operations and reconciliation processes
  • Lower processing costs
  • Eliminated need for third-party gateways and processors

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