Turning Curb Chaos Into City Opportunities

Increased demand on street and sidewalk real estate has created chaos. The playbook explores how a unified, flexible operating system for mobility management can help cities reduce congestion, drive economic activity, enact and enforce equity requirements and achieve other mobility and policy goals by:

  • Viewing and managing the demands on streets and sidewalks in a holistic way
  • Making better use of data to guide their decisions
  • Seamlessly integrating permit processing and management to move away from manual, paper-based processes
  • Developing rules and policies that better manage micro-mobility transportation; i.e. electric scooters and bikes
  • Moving from a siloed and disconnected approach to a single, unified solution

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Streamline your operations

An end-to-end digital operating system designed to unify parking management

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While customers experience a seamless digital parking transaction, your operations team has behind-the-scenes access to your data for real-time parking management.

With the Passport Operating System you have access to parking as well as other Passport product data, such as Enforcement or Permits, on one system that provides:

  • The industry’s most sophisticated rate engine with real-time rate and restriction management
  • Access to customer parking information that enables you to provide best-in-class customer support
  • Parking data reports and visual dashboards for analysis and decision-making
  • Third-party integrations for holistic parking data management

Unlock new possibilities

Operate on one system

Use one system to manage rules, rates and restrictions for all parking partners

Improve convenience

Provide more convenient ways to pay for parking to improve your customer experience

Increase compliance

Offer multiple payment options to move toward 100% digital payment compliance

Embrace innovation

Future proof your operation by eliminating the need to lock in exclusive parking vendors

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