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Move Faster. Run Better.

Cities are growing rapidly and facing new challenges. Passport helps manage vehicle interactions with streets and sidewalks to create more livable and equitable communities.

Single Platform Mobility Ecosystem Multi-platform Mobility Ecosystem

One Operating System.
Endless Possibilities.

With the Passport Operating system, cities can seamlessly integrate mobility providers and keep pace with technological innovation.

Passport puts you in control of simplifying your operations, removing complexity from managing multiple partners and providing a single back-office system to house rules, rates and restrictions for streets and sidewalks. With Passport, enabling parking payments, increasing parking compliance and promoting new innovation is simple.

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Instead of...
You get...
Siloed systems
API-connected systems
Multiple, disconnected parking apps
An open ecosystem with payments beyond parking apps
Long RFP processes
Easy adoption of new innovation
Separate back-offices & systems
Centralized rules, rates and regulations
Expensive hardware
Asset-light solutions

Choose a partner,
not a product

Passport wants to make it easy to manage your mobility ecosystem. Our operating system was designed to solve your city’s biggest challenges, such as disconnected, expensive and siloed systems. Working in partnership with you, Passport can provide a digital, centralized and seamless solution to manage your operation.

Our Clients

Smart Cities and Towns of All Sizes

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The Netherlands became a pioneer in implementing a centralized platform model to successfully driver higher compliance and digital payments. With over 20 different parking applications available, consumers gained access to as many choices as possible when it came to paying for parking. At the same time, parking administrators were able to leverage a centralized platform to manage rates, rules and restrictions seamlessly for all forms of payment. The Netherlands became the first to achieve nearly 100% compliance and over 70% digital payments utilization.

“The residents have more parking now… Our enforcement is much more efficient, we cover much more territory. They go right down the block, the camera picks up the plates, they know who’s registered, who’s not. It’s very simple. And that’s how we do our enforcement now.”

Gloria Gallo, Executive Director, Ft. Lee NJ Parking Authority

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“Passport and the experience and technological insight that they bring to the table has enabled the City of New Haven and our enforcement to become more user efficient and public friendly. The new system allows the officers in the field to do more with less effort, as well as convey more real-time information to the public than ever before.”

Former Deputy Director Of Transportation, New Haven, CT

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Digital Payments

Digitize Payments

Increased parking compliance is possible with Passport

The first step is to enable digital payments. Cities can go asset-light which helps reduce costs by adopting digital payment solutions for parking, permits and enforcement. Once those solutions are in place, cities can open their ecosystems to new payment methods like connected cars or other apps to provide more consumer choice.

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Curbside Management

Centralize Curbside Management

One single source of truth for curbside rules, rates and restrictions

As the curb becomes crowded with more people and vehicles, compliance is the key to managing the chaos. With the Passport operating system, cities can house rules, rates and restrictions for the curb in a central system which can be communicated to enforcement officers on the streets. Data for all payment methods flows through that same  system, providing a holistic look at the parking ecosystem.

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Embrace Innovation

Prepare for the future – today

Cities need a strong digital infrastructure for mobility management. With one operating system, it is easy for cities to add on additional technologies to manage all forms of transportation – cars, delivery fleets, electric scooters and autonomous vehicles. In the future, Passport will help cities reduce congestion with the push of a button and solve large-scale problems.

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Delivering Seamless Integrations

Your operation requires technology solutions that work well together. We understand the importance of successful integrations and our experienced team will work with you to connect Passport solutions with the other technologies that power your operation. Passport handles the integrations so you can spend more time managing your operation.

  • Flowbird-Parking
  • Genetec-Parking

& Many More

The Passport Difference

We take pride in the products we create, but Passport is much more than a software company. Our operating system and suite of solutions are unmatched in the parking technology space. When you work with Passport, you’ll receive:

  • Expert Transition Support: A dedicated project management team will deliver training and support to ensure your implementation is as effortless as possible.
  • Dedicated Client Success: Your client success representative is there to help you get the most out of your Passport technology.
  • Launch and Marketing Strategies: You’ll have access to the experience we’ve gained launching hundreds of successful apps with Passport’s proven marketing services.
  • 24x7x365 Customer Service: We’ll be standing by to help you troubleshoot and adapt as your operation continues to evolve.

How to Get Started

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Now, Austin drivers can pay for parking right from Google Maps.

Passport works with Google to make parking payments faster and easier in Austin

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