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With Passport’s digital parking permit solution, you will save time and money by providing an easy-to-use online system to your customers and enforcement officers.

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Manage Your Parking Operation, Not Stacks of Paper

  • Seamlessly transition existing permit holders to Passport’s mobility management platform and start managing the full permitting lifecycle online
  • Equip your permitting team with management tools and powerful data-driven reports for finance, inventory management, usage trends and waitlists
  • Enjoy peace of mind by implementing a secure, custom-branded portal for applying and paying for permits

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Explore Dozens of Innovative Digital Parking Permitting Features

Learn more about the dozens of innovative features built into our parking permitting system and powerful mobility management platform.


  • Manage the full permitting lifecycle digitally to eliminate physical permits and manual processes
  • Customize recurring and non-recurring permit types and durations
  • Easily manage permit approvals, renewals, waitlists and settings
  • Schedule seamless transitions of existing permit holders to Passport’s mobility management platform
  • Automate email notifications including receipts, expiration and renewal reminders to keep your permit holders informed

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Permit Types

  • Perform address-based residential eligibility verification, eliminating the need to manually search for addresses and approve applications
  • Set eligibility to only allow permits to be issued based on address
  • Easily manage guest and visitor permits in one place without the need to print or mail separate permits

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Data and Reporting

  • Equip your permitting team with management tools, powerful data and features that increase efficiency
  • A one-stop-shop for permit reporting including approvals, applicant details and waitlists
  • Flexible waitlisting logic supporting automatic offers with configurable expiration timing
  • A single, unified approval queue, with search and filter support, providing the information you need to quickly review and approve user applications
  • Data-driven reports for finance and inventory management, usage trends and waitlist status
  • Permit issuance and renewal processes to support walk-in or mail-in business and the ability to record those payments for reporting

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Branded Portal

  • Offer your customers the convenience of an online portal designed to match your organization’s brand
  • Provide a secure way to apply and pay for permits from anywhere at anytime through a user-friendly, city-branded portal
  • Easily configure and control what a permit holder can or can’t edit online
  • Provide custom FAQ content so permit holders can learn about your services and policies

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Scalable Solution

  • Streamline your parking operation with Passport’s cloud-based solution that integrates mobile parking, permits, enforcement and payments into one powerful platform
  • Provide countless integration offerings, including offering parkers multiple ways to pay and providing enforcement and license plate recognition (LPR) technology for faster enforcement
  • Digitize your entire parking management operation with Passport’s mobility management platform, resulting in a more integrated, reliable and efficient infrastructure for you and your community

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Easy, Secure Payment Processing

Reduce your costs and improve your cashflow with Passport Payments

Work with a parking & transportation payments expert. Passport Payments is integrated across Passport’s mobility management platform – including connected partners – making it simple to process payments, and manage and collect your daily credit and debit card funds.

Benefits include:

  • Streamline your operations and reconciliation processes
  • Lower processing costs
  • Eliminate the need for third-party gateways and processors

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