Curb Management

Define. Understand. Optimize.

Passport’s Curb Management product delivers the only comprehensive solution that integrates extensive industry knowledge with billions of data points to enable cities to effectively map, monitor and analyze their curb so they can make data-informed decisions while ensuring safe and equitable mobility.

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Key Features

  • Digitize your physical infrastructure, hardware and policy in one central platform
  • Analyze curb data from multiple sources to help identify trends, patterns and supply-and-demand imbalances
  • Use data reports and visual dashboards to visualize how events such as parking sessions, weather or closures affect revenue, violations and congestion
  • Manage policy with the industry’s most sophisticated rate engine and GIS-based mapping tools
  • Achieve holistic curb management in collaboration with ever-expanding partner integrations

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How It Works

Passport’s curb management life cycle encompasses defining, understanding and optimizing your curb.

This process begins by digitizing existing curb assets and integrating various data sources for effective management. Visualizing curb activity, drawing insights and benchmarking against industry peers empowers cities to revise policies based on data-driven insights, fostering optimal operational scenarios.

As municipalities iterate through the curb management life cycle, they can share actionable, data-supported recommendations with key stakeholders, promoting collaboration and informed policymaking.

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Additional Benefits

By analyzing policies and behaviors in a given environment, cities can manage all aspects of their curb to make reliable, data-driven decisions.

  • Reduce technology costs and improve access to data by consolidating with Passport to manage and aggregate disparate data sources
  • Observe demand for your curb and set responsive rates
  • Minimize the amount of time to fulfill requests for information
  • Enable data-informed policy decisions by tracking and monitoring curb activity 
  • Identify trends, leverage data from other peer cities to compare outcomes, and drive policy change to ensure proactive curb management

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