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Real-Time Enforcement On the Go

Passport's digital parking enforcement solution, powered by Passport’s digital platform, enables parking management anywhere your enforcement officers need to go. With our parking management platform, operators can drive nearly 100% compliance for all vehicles that touch the curb.

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Parking enforcement software,
built for the way you work.

Real-Time System for Real-Time Operations

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Passport’s cloud-based enforcement solution connects your operations team—and back-end database—with officers on the street.

Back office & reporting features:

  • Real-time data synchronization with no need to “dock” and download data
  • Live officer monitoring for added security and enhanced customer service
  • GPS-tracked data to help you manage and optimize officer beats and schedules
  • Reports identifying repeat offenders and additional custom reporting capabilities
  • A ticket heatmap to illuminate high-density areas, often an indicator of insufficient signage, issues with hardware or suboptimal officer coverage
  • Access to other Passport product data, such as Parking or Permits, through Passport’s back-office solution

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Eliminate Manual Processes

Citation issuance to payment processing all through one powerful solution

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Passport’s dynamic parking enforcement solution gives officers the easy-to-use tools they need to monitor and report quickly and accurately.

Monitoring, issuance and payment features:

  • GPS-based ticket issuance for more accurate enforcement
  • Handheld ticketing with multiple hardware options (Zebra, N5s, bluetooth printers, etc.) and a user-friendly mobile app
  • Offline ticket issuance when no internet connection
  • Options to attach photo evidence, violator notes and internal notes for adjudication – added information that can streamline the payment and appeal process
  • Integration with license plate recognition (LPR) technology and real-time data pulls up-to-the minute intelligence
  • Digital chalking and Scofflaw management
  • More accurate vehicle data searches using ‘fuzzy’ matching
  • Incident reporting so officers can quickly make note of issues such as graffiti and broken hardware

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Improve compliance and payments with more accurate enforcement

Making citations easier to view and pay means you can help boost revenue

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Passport’s cloud-based technology leverages GPS data, a powerful back-end system and unique features to deliver more accurate and detailed citations.

Payments, appeals and delinquent letter generation features:

  • Real-time citation search and payment – violators can locate and address their citation as soon as it’s issued
  • Citation payments with the click of a button via Passport’s mobile parking app
  • Lockbox integration
  • A mobile web experience featuring your organization’s branding
  • A back-office system supporting in-person transactions
  • Automated appeal notifications, management, resolution and court system integrations
  • Integrations with industry solutions including Barnacle and VERRA
  • The ability to sort outstanding legacy and overdue citations, match them with registered owner information and send mail notifications
  • Custom branded notices, which Passport will print and mail after verifying all addresses
  • Escalation schedules to automatically increase fees after a specified number of days, payment plans to encourage citation payments over an extended period of time and force pay capabilities

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Trusted by More Than 800 Clients Worldwide

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“My initial impression of Passport was how enthusiastic the staff was and and their commitment to teamwork...not only do those thoughts still remain, but they have been validated. I am impressed with all of team members that I have had contact with from Passport.”

John Peverada, Parking Manager for Portland

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“The residents have more parking now… Our enforcement is much more efficient, we cover much more territory. They go right down the block, the camera picks up the plates, they know who’s registered, who’s not. It’s very simple. And that’s how we do our enforcement now.”

Gloria Gallo, Executive Director, Ft. Lee NJ Parking Authority

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“[LPR] was a game-changer for us. It QUADRUPLED our man power. One person, who couldn't walk through the garage in an hour earlier, could patrol a 1,000 space garage in 15 minutes and be more accurate than they ever were walking through the lot. It provided us a whole new playbook for what we could do with parking.”

Matt Penney, Director of Parking & Transportation Services

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“Out of all the companies we’ve worked with, Passport has been the best-- they’ve been the most responsive, and we’ve been really happy with Passport and the product that they’ve offered us.”

Matthew Collver, Police Sergeant, Breckenridge, CO

"We've established a return on investment within year 1. Our current stand from where we've come, we've met a lot of our goals. You can scale back and forth and you're really writing the rule book.”

Matt McDaniel, Former Associate Director & Deputy Chief, Sam Houston State University

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Automate with LPR

Leverage the power of technology to operate more efficiently.

License plate recognition (LPR) technology is a game-changer for enforcement teams.

LPR features:

  • Integrations with various LPR technologies
  • License plate scanning that searches for active parking sessions, permits, potential Scofflaws and allow/deny list status
  • License plate scanning to mark, track and enforce time limits/overtime

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Easy, Secure Payment Processing

Reduce your costs and improve your cashflow with Passport Payments

Work with a parking & transportation payments expert. Passport Payments is integrated across Passport’s digital platform – including connected partners – making it simple to process payments, and manage and collect your daily credit and debit card funds.

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined operations and reconciliation processes
  • Lower processing costs
  • Eliminated need for third-party gateways and processors

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Delivering seamless integrations

Your operation requires technology solutions that work well together. We understand the importance of successful integrations and our experienced team will work with you to connect Passport solutions with the other technologies that power your operation. Passport handles the integrations so you can spend more time managing your operation.

  • Gtechna-Parking
  • Genetec-Parking
  • CDI Complus-Data-Parking
  • AIMS-Parking
  • TanneryCreek-Parking
  • Conduent_Parking
  • Nlets-Parking
  • Turbodata-Parking
  • Global Parking Solutions
  • Flowbird-Parking
  • IPS Group-Parking

& Many More

Our Commitment to Security, Accessibility and Reliability

Passport is proud to offer the highest levels of security, accessibility and reliability.

SSAE18 Type I and II Compliance Audits

PCI DSS Level 1 Certified

Visa & Mastercard Registered Service Provider

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