Integrated Payments for Your Entire Mobility Operation

Passport’s payments solution provides cities with lower payment processing costs and faster access to funds, while eliminating the need for third-party gateways and payment processors. Passport Payments is fully integrated across all of Passport’s products and our powerful mobility management platform.

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A Payments Solution Designed For Mobility

  • Utilize a certified merchant services provider that comes integrated with your entire mobility suite
  • Eliminate the need, added costs, and hassles of disconnected third-party gateways and processors
  • Streamline your entire payments infrastructure to enable a more reliable, secure and stable environment
  • Lower processing costs through our negotiated credit and debit card rates in the parking and mobility segment
  • Enjoy faster access to your funds with daily settlement
  • Manage and reconcile your daily credit and debit card funds with ease
  • Highest level of security provided with sensitive card details removed

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Process Digital and Physical Transactions

Passport offers Card Present Processing so cities and operators can manage and reconcile transactions made at certified physical point-of-sale devices, including meters, paystations and more.

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Explore Dozens of Innovative Payments Features

Learn more about how Passport Payments makes payment processing and reconciliation easy by eliminating third-party gateways, lowering processing costs, and providing advanced security.

Mobile App

  • iOS, Android and mobile web apps with white-label capabilities
  • Direct integrations with leading providers of parking enforcement and license plate recognition (LPR) software
  • Merchant processing and gateway services
  • Reminder notifications, email receipts and remote session extensions
  • A convenient and self-service merchant portal where local businesses can print validation codes for their customers
  • Closed-loop wallet with discount capabilities and options to load funds from commuter benefits
  • End-user support tools consisting of self-guided FAQs and in-app chat bot with our Support Team

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Streamline Operations

  • Access to parking data reports and visual dashboards so you can make better strategic decisions
  • Understand your parking transaction revenue with a daily, weekly and monthly dashboard view or by downloading a report with your desired date range
  • Simplified rate and restriction management allows you to change parking rates and rules quickly and easily

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Lower Costs

  • Reduce your processing costs by up to 50% when you use Passport’s payment services
  • Limit the wear and tear on meters to lower maintenance costs
  • Enjoy peace of mind provided by less hardware maintenance, which means you will be able to allocate staff and labor hours to other operational needs

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Improve Customer Experience

  • Enable a convenient way for customers without cash or coins to pay for parking, extend parking sessions or stop parking sessions
  • Promote local shopping with free or discounted parking, and give merchants access to a self-service merchant portal where businesses can print validation codes for customers
  • Allow your customers to pay in their preferred payment method by accepting all major credit and debit cards, plus Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal

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Data and Reporting

  • Easily manage transaction, revenue and payment processing through a variety of financial reporting features
  • Gain real-time insights into peak demand and zone activity that can influence pricing and policies
  • Communicate seamlessly with quick searches that provide session details and support contact information

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Scalable Solution

  • Streamline your parking operation with Passport’s cloud-based solution that integrates mobile parking, permits, enforcement and payments into one powerful platform
  • Experience limitless integration offerings, from offering parkers multiple ways to pay, to enforcement and license plate recognition (LPR) technology for faster enforcement, and more
  • Digitize your entire parking management operation with Passport’s mobility management platform, resulting in a more integrated, reliable and efficient infrastructure for you and your community

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