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Simplify your campus’ parking management operations with the Passport operating system.

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“When evaluating your parking system and whether or not to go mobile, think comprehensively about how you can change your business model and improve your customer’s experience. Passport helped us replace current systems and open new opportunities to improve our campus parking”

Christina Caruso, Parking Services, University of Delaware

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"We've established a return on investment within year 1. Our current stand from where we've come, we've met a lot of our goals. You can scale back and forth and you're really writing the rule book.”

Matt McDaniel, Former Associate Director & Deputy Chief, Sam Houston State University

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“We now live in an environment where everyone has a computer in their pocket. More and more, we have reason to conduct business with that device, and if you don’t bring that option to people, they’ll look for it somewhere else.”

Scott Fox, Director of Transportation and Parking Services

"Our transition to Passport was seamless & virtually unnoticeable. The management software user interface and reports are robust and intuitive for the operator. Since our transition, we have rolled out additional payment solutions & parking areas to provide additional hourly parking operations for our customers. The Passport team has been quick to respond and completed projects in a time that exceeded our expectations."

Dan Carpenter, Director of Parking and Transit Services, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

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“[LPR] was a game-changer for us. It QUADRUPLED our man power. One person, who couldn't walk through the garage in an hour earlier, could patrol a 1,000 space garage in 15 minutes and be more accurate than they ever were walking through the lot. It provided us a whole new playbook for what we could do with parking.”

Matt Penney, Director of Parking & Transportation Services

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“We had meters and [the] PassportParkingⓇ app, and a few months in, I thought ‘Why do we even have meters?’ With mobile, we have an idea of where people are parking, how long they’re parking, and we don’t have to unload the meters every three days and work to maintain them. It’s easy for the customer and it’s easy for the provider.”

Andy Pruitt, Parking Facilities Coordinator, Purdue University

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cashless parking and permits

Harness the power of mobile. Simplify Parking.

Because students and faculty cannot leave class to feed the meter.

Image of nearby zones in Passport Parking app Image of add time feature in Passport Parking app Image of find parking feature in Passport Parking app

Improve the parking experience and capture lost revenue with mobile pay parking solutions. Passport’s mobile application makes it easy to pay, so students, staff and visitors can quickly get to class or the big game. On the back-end, a powerful enterprise solution gives your team access to change rates for special events, issue permits and manage accounts.

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No More Hardware Headaches

Decrease operational costs so you can spend your budget on value-add projects.

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Reduce the need for costly and out-of-date hardware with mobile parking payments. Through flexible implementation and real-time transactions, Passport’s app and Operating System save time for you and your customers. A cloud-based solution also means you can easily update rates for special events, holidays or schedule changes.

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City Stack

Better Data, Better Decisions

We provide powerful data about your operation and customers at your fingertips

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Your campus operations teams are agile and mobile – their data should be, too. Passport’s solutions give your personnel instant, cloud-based access to an integrated database and powerful insights.

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Delivering Seamless Integrations

Your operation requires technology solutions that work well together. We understand the importance of successful integrations and our experienced team will work with you to connect Passport solutions with the other technologies that power your operation. Passport handles the integrations so you can spend more time managing your operation.

  • Flowbird-Parking
  • Genetec-Parking

& Many More

The Passport Difference

We take pride in the products we create, but Passport is much more than a software company. Our operating system and suite of solutions are unmatched in the parking technology space. When you work with Passport, you’ll receive:

  • Expert Transition Support: A dedicated project management team will deliver training and support to ensure your implementation is as effortless as possible.
  • Dedicated Client Success: Your client success representative is there to help you get the most out of your Passport technology.
  • Launch and Marketing Strategies: You’ll have access to the experience we’ve gained launching hundreds of successful apps with Passport’s proven marketing services.
  • 24x7x365 Customer Service: We’ll be standing by to help you troubleshoot and adapt as your operation continues to evolve.

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Now, Austin drivers can pay for parking right from Google Maps.

Passport works with Google to make parking payments faster and easier in Austin

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