2022 Forward Summit Regional - Raleigh, NC

Top municipal leaders and industry experts on mobility, predictive analytics and industry trends share insights and strategies at the Forward Summit.

Matt Currier, City of Raleigh and Ritwik Pavan, VADE

Data Driven Decisions

Matt Currier and Ritwik Pavan discuss how the City of Raleigh is leveraging data collected from the curb to analyze trends and make more informed decisions.

Ken Smith, City of Omaha and Bhumi Bhutani, Way

The Importance of Providing Customer Choice

Ken Smith and Bhumi Bhutani share the value of providing users with options when it comes to transacting at the curb and how public and private organizations can partner together to enhance the consumer experience.

Brandon Winfield, iAccess Life

Providing Equity On-Street

Brandon Winfield shares his powerful story of resiliency and how cities can create safer, more equitable experiences for all, including the ADA community.

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