E-Z Parking Charlotte Introduces Citation Management Platform

Charlotte, NC – Tickets are not only frustrating, but an inconvenience. Passport, the industry’s leading mobile payment provider, has implemented a citation management platform with E-Z Parking in the City of Charlotte. The new citation management platform allows enforcers to go from hand writing tickets to issuing citations from a mobile device. The platform provides users with the ability to pay for their ticket online as soon as the ticket has been issued, increasing convenience and compliance.

Most recently, Passport also launched its mobile parking payment app at E-Z Parking Charlotte locations. With the mobile app, users can pay for their parking, receive reminder notifications before the end of their parking session, extend time remotely, and keep track of all parking history.

“We’ve provided our clients with the flexibility to easily manage everything in one place,” said David Singletary, Vice President of Sales at Passport. “Our extensive platform offers useful functionality for both users and enforcement officers. Whether they’re paying for parking with their mobile device or issuing citations, the platform enhances efficiency for our clients and end users.”

As mobile payment technology increases, cities and residents alike are adopting paying for parking, mobile tickets, and now citations from the convenience of their mobile device.