Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We recognize that words aren’t enough. We need to advocate for more transparency within our communities and evaluate our actions as a company. We are committed to continuous learning and to making the changes that align our actions with our values and beliefs. The first step is to ensure that Passport is an inclusive, equitable, and diverse place to work. We can and must do better along three key dimensions.

  • We will do more to build and support a more diverse team, particularly in management and senior management positions
  • We will provide forums for employees in underrepresented groups to surface their feedback and concerns to senior management including methodology to address that feedback
  • We will reevaluate our hiring process, which has too often focused on hiring from managers’ professional networks, which perpetuates a lack of diversity

We will continue to widen the aperture of our decisions across the company to pursue these goals. This work will be led by a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council, but we recognize that this work is not the responsibility of a small group. This is a full-company commitment.

If we’re going to commit to fighting systemic racism in society, we have to first look at the patterns and systems in our company. And we all have work to do. We are committed to making Passport a fairer and more inclusive company than it is today.