Passport Data Privacy and Security

Passport has always taken a proactive approach in setting policies and procedures that ensure protection of client and user data. With recent data breaches plaguing the parking and mobility industry, we pride ourselves on our ability to discuss this topic openly and aim to provide all the information necessary for clients and users to trust Passport’s data protection policies through our Security Portal.

We established this interactive Security Portal to help share our security program and automate access to sensitive compliance information (i.e., SOC 2 and PCI documentation) as well as further accelerate customer communication channels.

Passport understands the pains and threats that our municipal clients go through when combating systemic threats as Passport is a critical part of cities becoming more mobile and resilient. With this in mind, securely enabling and safeguarding the business through vertically integrated cybersecurity services is at the forefront of what we do.

Our Mission and Goals

  • Protect customer and company data by providing proactive security services 
  • Identify cybersecurity risks in an automated and actionable method
  • Secure all assets from reasonable threats by mitigating or lowering risks

For our customers, trust in Passport starts with security. In order to earn our customer’s trust, Passport’s security team is committed to the following Core Principles:

Passport’s offensive approach to security covers how we think about implementing security controls in order to secure our environment and customer data. This approach is based around the following themes.

Security Philosophy, Policies and Procedures

  • Meet and exceed all customer requirements for industry security standards and certifications
  • Take an “end user experience” approach to security by making data-driven decisions
  • Choose automation over manual security control
  • Focus on a high signal-to-noise ratio instead of chasing every alert
  • Operational contracts between security, developers, and engineering as opposed to security dictating from an ivory tower
  • Use security as a business enabler, not as a punishment

While the architecture is complex behind the scenes, we put immense value into customer trust, which is why security is one of our top priorities. To learn more about Passport privacy and security data principles and best practices, visit