Passport Mobile Parking Payment App Launches in Peoria

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New Downtown Parking Option

City of Peoria is rolling out the Passport Parking app

By Alyssa Paldo |

Published 01/15/2016




Parking downtown could get a whole lot easier. The city of Peoria has a new option for paying to park at meters.

The city of Peoria is trying out the “Passport Parking” app. It’s free, as simple as a quick download, and could make feeding quarters into a meter a thing of the past.

“We want to give everybody as many options to do things like parking downtown as possible.” City Traffic Engineer, Nick Stouffer, said.

Providing options, it’s what led the city of Peoria to try out the Passport parking app.

“It’ll allow you to park at a meter space without pulling change out of your pocket or a whole bunch of quarters.” Stouffer explained.

Stouffer explains that once you’ve downloaded the app it’s as simple as entering the posted zone and space number and the amount of time you want to park. The payment is good for parking up to two hours.

That’s music to the ears of many people who park downtown.

“It’s convenient instead of having to carry around a pocketful of change.” Timothy McCarthy said.

“I think people carry less cash and less change these days so going through the app or doing it from your lunch table and not having to go out and feed the meter I think it’d be very convenient.” Mandy Watson said.

For the initial payment a person has a choice of either feeding the meter or using their phone, but if you decide you want to stay at your destination longer you can extend your time without leaving, just using your phone.

“You’re having dinner with your friends, lunch with your friends and stuff it would be a wonderful feature because you could stay and talk a little bit longer.” Rhea Wolf said.

“Especially in weather like we’ve been having where it’s cold and stuff to be able to do it right where you’re at.” McCarthy said.

“Right now if you put a couple quarters in the machine and you stay wherever you go for too long you could come back and have a parking ticket.” Stouffer added.

The app even sends you a notification to remind you when your meter is about to expire.

“That’s pretty good I mean they enforce down here there’s no doubt about it so um it will be good for a lot of folks I think.” Watson said.

“That could you know eliminate people getting tickets and to be honest we want that we want it to be convenient and friendly for everyone.” Stouffer said.

The app is free, but there is a small service fee in addition to the fare for parking. Most of the people I talked to say they’re willing to pay it for the added convenience.

You can now use the app in the three pilot areas downtown, by the courthouse, around the museums, and in the reverse angled parking spots by City Hall.

The city hopes to expand it throughout the downtown area and by businesses in the warehouse district if it’s a success.

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