Passport’s Picks of the Week

Ever thought you’d be able to redesign the NYC subway system? Do you really believe the DMV will survive with the advancement of technology? In this week’s installment of picks of the week, you’ve been given the functionality to redesign the NYC transportation system and we gather insight on how the DMV could perfect their current processes with mobile technology. Take it from us, the latest trending articles in the tech industry are worth the read.


New subway game lets you redesign NYC transportation

One of the biggest transit systems in the world – the New York City subway system. Ever thought about how you would redesign the NYC subway system? Maybe you hate those terribly long lines? Pricey transit fares? Irregular stops? Well, now’s your chance. With a new game, users are now able to redesign the NYC transportation system from scratch or with templates via their smartphone with Brand New Subway game. The game is considered to be a balancing act – for every extension you make to the system, the fare increases because of a variety of data including jobs, census, and more. Think you’ve got what it takes to create the best transit design? Give it a whirl…


Repurposing parking meters to better community

With the growth of mobile payment technology, physical parking meters aren’t necessarily needed as our processes become more efficient. Although the meters are still in the ground, many cities and agencies have found new ways to utilize the meters to better communities. For cities like Monterrey, CA, 5 parking meters were painted bright orange and are now being utilized to raise money for a variety of local homeless shelters. Instead of using the parking meters to pay for parking, residents can insert spare coins and bills into the meters to donate to those in need. More cities around the country are finding ways to use parking meters to better their surrounding areas.


DMV: Will it really still stick around?

We’ve all been there, stuck in a line out the door at the DMV. Whether you need to renew your license or switch your license plates from one state to another – it’s an inevitable cycle of waiting at the DMV. We all know it’s a pain, but it’s just the way things have always been. But that’s just it, it’s the way they’ve always been – why is that? Why hasn’t the DMV advanced or made processes more efficient? As mobile technology rapidly progresses, will the DMV follow suit or risk staggering behind? Find out if its really able to survive in the Age of Convenience or if it really will remain stagnant.


A few concerns about China’s traffic slaying ‘straddling bus’

You remember that crazy design for a bus that is large enough to have cars go underneath it? Well, Chinese engineers actually built it. The bus straddles below traffic, has enough room for 400 people, has the ability to replace 40 traditional buses, and can cut fuel consumption by 882 tons a year. Although the bus provides a variety of improvements for the transit system, many have concerns about the addition of the bus. It’s clear that there are many dumb drivers out there and one of the issues is that there could be drivers, particularly SUVs and trucks that attempt to go under the bus without much luck. Other concerning issues include switching lanes, side swiping the bus while underneath, charging and care issues, and if it’s actually worth implementation.