Breaking transaction records with Passport’s “quick park” feature in Toronto



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parking transactions in May 2023

The City of Toronto is home to soaring skyscrapers, green parks and gardens, and the Green P mobile application, the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA)’s private label parking app powered by Passport.

The Green P mobile app has been a local favorite since it first launched in 2016 and continues to provide drivers with a safe and convenient method of payment for parking at approximately 21,500 spaces across the City.

The app has demonstrated consistent month-over-month transaction growth throughout the 2023 year. In May of 2023, the app surpassed a whopping 1.5M transactions, a 25% increase since January, breaking the app’s record for highest number of transactions in any given month. Officials believe the jump in transactions was a result of launching Passport’s “quick park” feature, which saves users’ most recently used parking locations so that paying to park can happen in a matter of two clicks.

In addition to streamlining the payment experience by offering the “quick park” feature, the Green P app integrates with Apple Pay and Google Pay, allowing users to access more convenient and secure payment methods.

With Passport as its trusted mobility partner, the City of Toronto can offer its community an efficient parking and payment experience, and have access to the most effective, real-time parking management system available.To learn more, download the Parking Management Software fact sheet.

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