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Located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, EasyPark is known in the parking industry as a leader and disrupter, due to its innovative customer experience initiatives, bold orange design and unique branding strategy.

To modernize its parking payment system from meters and cash, EasyPark sought a private label mobile solution to fit into its brand strategy. When it came time to seek a mobile payment vendor to create a private label app, EasyPark looked for a partner that could provide a frictionless parking experience for end users and a safe and secure back-end system, a difficult feat for a mobile vendor to provide.

“Passport was willing to work with our brand. It’s a great company with a great model and great people. They are great partners in terms of safety and security, being able to flex and flow, and in terms of community.” – Nigel Bullers, CEO, EasyPark


With Passport

EasyPark found a strong partner in Passport, the leader in mobile transportation technology, which enables EasyPark to have an easy-to-maintain system, its own branded private label app plus a safe and secure back-end system. The overall result is a better customer experience.


Fewer meters, less maintenance

The more parkers use mobile, the less operators need to rely on hardware, which comes with hefty price tags, installations, and ongoing maintenance costs. With a mobile app, EasyPark can be adaptable in its operations and save time and money on hardware.


In the business of branding

Taking best-practices from the retail industry, EasyPark relies heavily on a strong brand and marketing presence to influence parker behavior. Its efforts can be seen on the streets of Vancouver, where EasyPark branded vehicles zip down the city streets, or in the first 25 feet from each facility’s parking entrance as bold signs and murals direct parkers to their spots, and by each parking space, with ads and signage promoting payment options. Thus, the need for a private label payment app was a no-brainer for this operation. EasyPark worked with Passport to develop an app that not only featured its well-known branding, but was also configured to the needs of its own operation, including the ability to easily adjust rates.


Safe and secure

It was vital for EasyPark to find a partner with a secure back-end system to earn, maintain and build trust with its parker base. Passport maintains the highest level of payment compliance, including PCI-DSS Level 1 certification.

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