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With Passport

Gainesville and the University of Florida have a convenient mobile payment solution for the students and residents. Instead of having to download multiple apps or becoming accustomed to a variety of parking rules and processes, the citizen-centric teams at the City of Gainesville and the University of Florida have come together to create a solution that benefits their customers.

“Using the same mobile pay solution is a win-win for the community. When you consider the city and university parking departments, you’re looking at two completely different operational setups, but this partnership speaks to how we need to focus on solutions for the end user. Involving our end users in our processes helps us become more citizen-centric. – Trish Everitt, Parking Operations Supervisor, City of Gainesville


Not just a vendor, a partner in process improvement

In the evaluation process for selecting a mobile pay vendor, Passport stood out to the city because of the company’s desire for a true partnership. “[Passport] wanted to really work with us as partners to configure a solution to meet our needs, and they really embrace that idea of partnership,” said Trish Everitt, Parking Operations Supervisor for the City of Gainesville.


Robust Back-End System

When Gainesville sought a mobile payment provider, the city wanted more than just an app. Gainesville needed a fluid and user friendly back end system, from which administrators pull reports and reconcile their accounts. They can easily see mobile pay transactions in real time and can quickly issue refunds for improved and faster customer service.


Process Improvements and Cost Savings

The Passport platform fits into the city’s lean process initiatives to make its departments more efficient. The system also integrates with the other parking management systems the city has put in place, such as a license plate recognition (LPR) system and an enforcement module by T2. The city will be testing mobile-only blocks and a downtown parking garage soon.

“Coin meters will start to go away…We’re looking at testing mobile-only blocks to see if the process we have introduced is embraced by end users throughout the community. Reducing meters in the field reduces collection, auditing, and staff time, especially in areas where meters net very little coins. This is truly a lean process.” -Trish Everitt, Parking Operations Supervisor for the City of Gainesville.

Citizen response

In the six months since the launch of the app, the city parking department has only heard positive responses, and has only had to void one transaction.


Going Mobile

When asked about what advice she would give other municipalities looking to implement mobile pay, Trish Everitt had a simple response, “Do it. Your customers want it. It’s easy to manage. It’s a lean process. It’s an efficient way for people to pay to park. I just think it’s a good system to have.”

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