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Westminster, Colorado is a booming suburb situated about 20 minutes north of Denver. With a growing population of young professionals and families, Westminster is known as one of the best places to live in the state. New local business openings and exciting projects continue to position Westminster as an innovative city that is making a positive impact on the community they serve. One of those areas the City is focusing on is parking and mobility, where they chose Passport as the solution for managing mobile pay parking, digital enforcement and permitting.

Why Passport

Given its prime proximity to Denver and Boulder, the City continues to strategically grow with development throughout the community. Understanding the opportunities and challenges brought in by this growth, the City knew it needed to find a digital solution that would enable it to future-proof its parking and mobility operations, and a provider who could work alongside City staff, as they continue to modernize their infrastructure. “Having a centralized system that gives us access to all our mobile payment, permit and enforcement data was a huge factor in our decision,” explains Wady Burgos, Parking and Transportation Demand Management Coordinator for the City. The easy-to-use, customer-facing platform and seamless backend software were also important to the City when they selected Passport as their mobility partner.

The Results

Since implementing Passport for its Downtown and Westminster Station areas, Westminster has increased its parking revenue and overall payment compliance. The addition of mobile pay parking is bringing in up to a 20% increase in revenue every month and has created opportunities to save capital improvement funding for payment collection infrastructure.

Not only are they seeing positive results out on the streets, but they are saving a tremendous amount of labor time behind the scenes by using one system to manage both parking and enforcement. “We are definitely saving at least 10 hours a month in our monthly revenue reports compilation alone, and that’s just one of the many reports we use Passport for,” says Wady. Reports like Daily Total Revenue and Ticket Density have also been valuable time savers for the City where they’ve been able to eliminate manual processes by using a unified system in Passport.

Data-Driven Decisions

Leveraging parking and enforcement data to drive decision-making has been key in supporting the City’s larger mobility goals. Wady and his team dive into data frequently, and use it regularly to take action out on the curb. For example, the City noticed that specific types of citations were being issued in certain areas. They identified these patterns and made modifications to how they were communicating regulatory information to parkers, and are now seeing a drastic improvement in overall compliance since making those changes.

The City has also used data they’ve gathered in Passport’s system to alter enforcement officer routes, update signage, and customize how they are reaching out to customers. Wady explains, “The data we’re extracting is incredibly useful, and it’s all in real-time, so we have eliminated a ton of back and forth with our customers and have made significant improvements in areas we weren’t operating as efficiently as we could have been.”

Continued Success

Wady and his team view Passport as their mobility partner and are looking forward to continuing to build on the successes they’ve seen thus far. “With Passport now in place, we’ve established our digital infrastructure that truly future-proofs our operation,” says Wady. Passport’s commitment to customer service and its industry-leading technology are what impressed Wady and his team the most. “Passport is growing and innovating alongside us, and has been supportive in helping us reach our larger parking and mobility objectives. We are very excited for what the future holds.”

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