Passport Payments

Lower your costs. Increase your bottom line.

Passport Payments is embedded across the entire Passport operating system, providing cities with lower processing costs and faster access to funds, all in a secure environment.

With Passport Payments as your merchant processor, you get:

  • Negotiated rates with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover on mobile pay parking transactions
  • Access to flexible pricing options to meet the specific needs of your parking operation
  • Lower processing costs
  • Improved cash flow with daily settlement and reporting from one source
  • Passport’s closed-loop wallet and save up to 50% in processing costs

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The Passport Advantage

Passport Payments is embedded across the entire Passport operating system - including connected partners - making it simple to manage and collect your daily credit and debit card funds.

Lower your costs

Don’t get stuck paying high fees on small transactions

Streamline operations

Why manage multiple vendors, when all you need is one?

Secure your environment

Get peace of mind knowing that your processor is a certified payments processor

Video: Payments Processing

Passport Payments is embedded across the entire Passport operating system, and provides cities access to lower processing costs and provide faster access to funds all in a secure environment. Watch the video to learn more.

Payments Processing Video

Payment processing and reconciliation made easy

One partner for all of your parking management needs

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The Passport Operating System comes integrated with Passport Payments, eliminating the need for third-party gateways and processors. As your payments partner, we can help you lower processing costs through our negotiated credit and debit card rates in the parking segment, give you faster access to your funds with daily settlement and provide the highest level of security through the use of an advanced tokenization system that removes sensitive card details from our processing environment. Passport is a registered, full-service merchant services provider, and is Level 1 PCI-DSS certified.

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Nearly 1,000 Clients Worldwide

  • Parking
  • Permits
  • Enforcement
  • Back Office & Reporting

As mobile parking payments increase, there is an opportunity to increase digital payment adoption beyond traditional parking apps. Cities with Passport Payments can leverage an open parking ecosystem allowing providers, such as mapping service apps, connected vehicles or lifestyle apps, to leverage Passport’s parking rate engine via APIs to add parking payments into their app.

Many cities want to give parkers the option to extend parking sessions. This, however, can mean paying a merchant processing transaction fee not once, but twice. Passport is committed to a clean rate structure and assessing the merchant processing transaction fee one time per each settled transaction, even an extended parking session. This can save cities up to 20% in merchant processing transaction fees.

Cities often enter into contracts with banks or merchant processors for city-wide card processing services. These one-size-fits-all processors cost financial managers hours each week in reconciling processing data with back office systems. Integrated payment solutions, like Passport Payments, automate reconciliation processes by connecting parking activity with merchant processing data in a single back office dashboard. This decreases the time spent reconciling while simplifying the management and collection of funds.

Parking payments are small ticket transactions, yet cities often face standard interchange rates which can average 8% - 10% in card processing fees alone on a $3.00 transaction. Passport, a small payments expert, has built its business around these types of transactions and has negotiated special credit & debit card rates. We often can shave 2% - 4% off a city’s card processing fees.

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Simplify your back-office. Streamline your entire operation.

payment processing timeline
  • Reduce the number of data handoffs and touch points that are needed with 3rd party processors and gateways ultimately improving the speed, security, stability and accountability of your operation
  • Manage your credit & debit card financials in one place with real-time access to an online reporting dashboard with advanced reconciliation capabilities
  • Easily integrate with other service providers and strategic partners. Imagine if your residents and visitors could find and pay for parking in a different application, all while being managed on one back end system. Passport Payments makes this possible
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Secure your environment

secure payment processing
  • Integrate with standard government-compliant security that other payment processors might not have
  • Protect your customers’ card data with an advanced end-to-end encryption and  tokenization system that removes sensitive card details from the environment
  • Work with a PCI-DSS Level 1 certified partner

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