Photo Enforcement

Seamless Integrations to Verify Violations

Enforcing compliance in your operation has never been easier, faster or more accurate.

Passport’s Photo Enforcement solution enables municipalities and private operators to manage on and off-street parking with camera-based technology by capturing violations in real-time and automating issuance of citations by direct mail or directed enforcement.

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Core Benefits

  • Enforce more accurately with real-time transfer of data
  • Receive updates on time limits, permit or scofflaw violations between the LPR camera, back office, and violator payment portal
  • Access custom reporting and LPR queue for permissible use scenarios to make more strategic decisions for your operations
  • Improve the violator experience by providing a transparent and seamless life cycle of the violation from start to finish

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How It Works

  1. Passport integrates with a variety of camera providers, allowing them to send license plate data captured by their hardware
  2. Configured parking rights and logic determine whether a violation has occurred
  3. Violations enter the approval queue, authorizing operators to review and approve each individual violation

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