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Seamless integrations

We take the complexity of municipal parking rules, rates, zones and restrictions and build it into one endpoint. With our Rest APIs, you can ingest block by block data for hundreds of cities and start facilitating parking payments today.

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Build an Ecosystem of Payment Options for Parking

With Passport, cities can offer multiple payment options for parking, providing their communities with more access, while managing and enforcing all options through one easy-to-use system.

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Digital Payments

Parking Payments Powered by Passport

With the rapid growth of mobile parking payments, there is an opportunity to increase digital payment adoption beyond just traditional parking apps.

As a Passport partner, you can enable parking payments directly in your app as a benefit to your users.

Endless Possibilities


Mapping & wayfinding apps

Integrate parking payments in the navigation experience

Park Albany

Parking payment apps

Enable as many parking apps (e.g. PaybyPhone) as you’d like to give your customers a choice

Coffee Smile

Lifestyle apps

Offer parking payments alongside paying for coffee, tickets or other goods and services

Gas Station


Parking and gas payments in one app


Connected vehicles

Enabling parking in infotainment systems

delivery truck

Delivery & fleet vehicles

Paying for micro parking sessions at the curb

parking paystation

Parking management

Integrate with parking meters and pay stations

maas image

MaaS applications

Seamless parking payment experience within existing mobility apps like public transit or ride-hailing services

Handicap Parking

Special interest groups

Apps created for niche groups can easily add parking payments

The Passport Platform


Integrations with existing apps


Zones connected to our municipal rate engine


Parking payments processed

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