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We collaborate with the best and the brightest to create innovative solutions for our clients. Passport’s strong and growing partnership network—including financial services, technology, and transportation companies—produces exceptional solutions and extraordinary results.

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the parking experience for our customers. Creating partnerships with great brands like PayPal adds even more convenience to the app, and is something we will continue to do.”

Former Toronto Parking Authority President


Delivering More Convenient Ways to Pay

Passport partners with financial services leaders, like Visa and Mastercard, to help our clients provide customers with convenient and secure ways to pay.

Passport and the Toronto Parking Authority (TPA) joined with PayPal to offer a new payment option across all of the city’s on- and off-street parking inventory. The PayPal partnership improved the customer experience of TPA’s Green P mobile app, which processes nearly $1 million in payments on a weekly basis.

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Additional Partners

This [program] is a new, innovative and cost effective way to provide greater service and connectivity to our customers. It provides a good alternative in certain areas where it is not cost-effective to operate a route with multiple buses running all day.”

John Lewis, CATS Executive Director


Providing First / Last Mile Solutions

Passport helps transit systems augment current bus and train routes with integrated first and last mile solutions.

Charlotte Area Transit Authority (CATS) launched the CATSPass mobile app as a pilot program with Passport to enable its Lynx Light Rail riders to pay for their fares via their smartphones—achieving over 60% utilization in the first six months. In an effort to provide a first / last mile solution to its riders, CATS worked with Passport and Lyft to facilitate rides to and from key drop-off points, helping provide access to areas traditionally underserved by public transportation.  The agency is able to improve its customer experience, attract new riders, reduce traffic congestion, without adding costly infrastructure such as new buses on additional routes.

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Passport enabled us to highlight trends that are important to our operations. We are now able to write more accurate tickets, therefore reducing friction points and improving the customer experience.”

Branch Manager, ABM

Parking Management

Streamlining Operations

Passport is known for our own suite of integrated solutions, but we also help our clients connect legacy systems and vendors to improve performance of complex operations.

Private parking operator, ABM was struggling with manual and inefficient processes to manage multiple systems and vendors for parking, citations and permitting services. Since implementing Passport’s enforcement, mobile pay and digital permits solutions, the company has seen increased revenue, ticket compliance and costs savings. Passport has also partnered with LAZ and Lanier to streamline parking management.

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Additional Partners

It’s important for our transit system to incorporate the latest technologies, so this agreement represents another way that we are moving forward into the future of transportation.”

Alice Bravo, PE, Director of Miami-Dade, DTPW

System Integrators

Integrating Mobile and Physical Systems

Passport partners with a variety of technology partners to connect mobile payment and ticketing solutions with transit station kiosks and gates.

When Miami-Dade County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works (DTPW) sought a single platform solution for transit operations, Passport partnered with Cubic Transportation Systems (Cubic). Together, Passport and Cubic delivered a mobile ticketing solution combined with transit gate integration – making it easier for customers to buy and use tickets throughout Miami-Dade’s transit system. The partnership solution led to a 35% increase in month-over-month transactions and a gate open rate two times faster than industry standard.

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