Cities Are Unlocking Crucial Insights with Passport’s Performance Benchmarking Solution

In today’s rapidly evolving urban landscape, cities are facing numerous challenges related to urban mobility, transportation and infrastructure. One critical aspect often overlooked is how parking and curb management affects constituents. 

To help combat these challenges, Passport has developed a Performance Benchmarking solution that enables cities to leverage data from other peer cities. The data available assists in goal setting, comparing outcomes and analyzing trends to drive policy change and facilitate collaboration on an ongoing basis. By understanding the metrics, this data-driven approach allows municipalities to make more informed decisions, optimize parking resources and enhance their parking and mobility operations.

Key Benefits of Performance Benchmarking

Understand market trends and identify current challenges 

Performance Benchmarking data empowers cities to gain a comprehensive understanding of their parking landscape. By collecting and analyzing relevant data points, cities can view and act on specific parking and enforcement challenges. Understanding these market trends allows cities to identify current challenges in their environment and pinpoint areas that need improvement.

Facilitate communication with elected officials and the public

Valuable data and insights arm elected officials with the knowledge to network effectively and optimize parking resources, as well as enhance parking program strategy. Parking leaders can easily pull analytics from another city’s data to facilitate communication with their stakeholders to drive policy changes.

Make data-informed decisions

By consistently analyzing data from comparable cities or regions, municipalities can identify best practices and successful strategies. This knowledge enables them to adapt and implement effective parking solutions tailored to their specific needs.

City Profiles

In conjunction with our Performance Benchmarking solution, Passport’s City Profiles help capture the information needed from cities to aid in like-for-like comparisons between municipalities. Without this information, municipalities struggle to determine who their peers are. The City Profiles product lives in Passport’s portal and relies on data-sharing to influence behavior and outcomes. 

How It Works

Explore and identify cities that have a similar parking environment.

Fill out details that include population, attributes, goals, and so much more.

Run reports for insights on specific parameters related to your parking ecosystem.


Passport’s data-sharing program is building a community of cities by allowing them to share key operational and policy data with one another. When a city opts-in to data-sharing, their data becomes visible to other parties participating in the program and the city is able to see the data of other participating parties. 

The data shared includes information that is otherwise available to the public via a public records request and never includes personally identifying information (PII) or payment card industry (PCI) data. Participating cities are able to opt out of data-sharing at any time.

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