One Parking Compliance Platform
To Manage Your Curb

Use Passport’s parking compliance platform to power and manage parking enforcement, mobile pay parking, digital permitting, payments, and more. Centralize your parking data to operate more efficiently, increase revenue, and improve the parking experience with a fully integrated curb management solution.

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Passport’s parking compliance platform makes it easy to manage parking enforcement, mobile pay parking, digital permitting, payments, and more, in one place. Use actionable insights for smarter decision making and effective policy management.

Real-Time Enforcement to Drive Compliance

Our digital enforcement system gives you real-time access to insights and data

  • Back office & reporting
    Access robust reports to make strategic decisions
  • Monitoring, issuance and payments
    Offer real-time and secure citation payments
  • Payments, appeals and delinquent letter generation
    Recover revenue by automating your unpaid citations process
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Save Time With Digital Permits

Stop using spreadsheets and outdated tools to manage and issue permits.

  • Real-Time Permit Management
    Equip your team with powerful tools and data
  • A Better Purchasing Experience
    Provide your customers with a secure online portal to apply and pay for permits
  • Operate More Efficiently
    Offer more flexibility and eliminate the need for physical hangtags or stickers
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A Smarter, Simpler Parking Experience

Seamless mobile parking options for your customers, simple parking management for your team.

  • Robust Rate Engine
    The industry’s most sophisticated rate engine with real-time rate and restriction management
  • Best-in-Class Customer Support
    Access to customer parking information that enables you to provide best-in-class customer support
  • Insights and Analytics
    Aggregate all parking data for holistic reporting and use dashboards for smarter decision-making
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Full-Service Payments Solutions

Work with a mobility payments expert to maximize cost savings and optimize security.

  • Lower Your Costs
    Don’t get stuck paying high fees on small transactions
  • Streamline Your Operation
    Why manage multiple vendors, when all you need is one?
  • Secure Your Environment
    Unlock flexible settlement periods and multiple pricing structures to fit your needs
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Take Control of Your Curb

Define, understand, and optimize your curb so you can make data-driven decisions

  • Reduce Congestion
    Use zone-based pricing to influence parking behavior
  • Promote Safety and Livability
    Declutter your streets and sidewalks for a more inclusive community
  • First and Last Mile Solved
    Provide better access to mobility and payment options
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One Parking Compliance Platform to Manage Your Curb

Best-in-class digital products including enforcement, permitting, mobile pay parking and payments.

  • Aggregated Data, Smarter Insights
    Centralize all your parking and mobility data for smarter decision making
  • A Solution That Scales
    Use the products you need now and add as your needs evolve
  • Unparalleled Results
    Enjoy a more integrated, efficient and reliable software solution
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