Introducing: Passport Labs

Accelerate product discovery with Passport Labs! Introducing an exclusive space in Passport’s back-office portal that allows Passport to share new product and feature ideas with clients while providing them the opportunity to become active participants in the product development process.

For example, Passport’s new Enforcement Goal Setting Dashboard was just deployed into Labs with the objective of understanding a city’s previous results and setting future goals to help track the performance of an operation. The goal-setting lab will enable clients to view data for key metrics from the previous and current fiscal year, as well as set annual goals. 

While Passport Labs is not a shortcut or marketplace for new products, it will serve as a space to interact with clients, learn from one another, and provide feedback to inform future iterations of a given concept. 

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to test ideas and receive feedback directly from various clients
  • Explore innovative ideas with key stakeholders and industry experts
  • Better anticipate success of or concerns with an existing idea
  • Develop and discuss best practices and thought leadership
  • Ensure needs will be better addressed and work as co-creators of a product
  • Provide early, exclusive access to Passport product ideas

Join us as we venture into this new and exciting experiment while embracing the opportunity to learn, grow and innovate. 

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