Secure Your Spot: Introducing SpotBlock™, Passport’s Digital Meter Bagging and Reservation System

Say goodbye to the frustration of managing parking reservations and embrace the future of mobility with SpotBlock™: Passport’s digital meter bagging and reservation system. 

The most advanced solution set to transform the way cities manage parking spot reservations, SpotBlock is used to create reservation types, manage parking space inventory, and issue temporary blocks or reservations, helping optimize the value of each parking space and curb assets.

With its innovative technology, SpotBlock eliminates the need for traditional, manual meter bagging methods, resulting in a more efficient and effective parking experience. The customer portal also gives individuals and businesses a convenient way to submit requests to reserve parking spots for special events, construction projects, moving vehicles, and so much more.

Other Key Benefits: 

  • Manage parking inventory and reservations with ease
  • Use parking data to charge for the true value of curb assets while building your own rules and rates
  • Improve traffic flow by making specific spots available to be reserved
  • Identify designated areas for event setup or activities
  • Create zones dedicated to providing easy public access
  • Integrate with other Passport solutions

By adapting to the evolving needs of the people we serve, SpotBlock contributes to a well-functioning and more livable urban environment.

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