Unlocking the Synergy: The Vital Connection Between Enforcement and Parking Data

In a rapidly changing urban landscape, having access to comprehensive and accurate data is critical for cities and organizations in monitoring their environment. By combining and centralizing data across multiple product sources, these reporting features offer cities a holistic view of their mobility ecosystem.

Recognizing the importance of combining best-in-class mobility management capabilities, Passport’s Ecosystem Insights dashboard visualizes all of an operator’s enforcement, parking and permit activity in a single place.

As cities move away from having only one option to pay for parking, more choice allows motorists to use their favorite method but introduces complexity as multiple third-party technologies have to work together to seamlessly ensure:

  • Rates are the same across all payment applications and hardware options
  • Enforcement officers know who has the right to park
  • Parking managers can easily spot trends and anomalies across all parking activity

This dashboard addresses the need for that single view of an operator’s activities without having to cobble together data from multiple back office systems. 

Key benefits include:

  • KPIs display the percentage of change from the previous year to enable spotting trends and anomalies without manual calculations
  • Geographic heat maps that make trends and anomalies in parking volume and citation issuance easier to spot by zone 
  • Citation and permit revenue that provides a more complete picture of total revenue 
  • Additional metrics that are meaningful for decision making and easy to navigate

By consolidating data into a single, central platform for easy performance tracking and trend analysis, operators can gather feedback efficiently, avoiding the cumbersome and error-prone process of compiling data from multiple external sources. This approach not only streamlines operations with robust reporting but also offers more choices to communities, without adding risk or complexity. Ultimately, this leads to a more integrated, efficient, and reliable parking and mobility solution.

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