Ecosystem Insights

Robust Reporting

In a rapidly changing mobility landscape, having access to comprehensive and accurate data is critical for cities and organizations in monitoring their environment. By combining and centralizing data across multiple product sources, these reporting features offer cities a holistic view of their mobility ecosystem.

The Power of Centralized Data and Insights eGuide

Unmatched Benefits

  • KPIs display the percentage of change from the previous year to enable spotting trends and anomalies without manual calculations
  • Geographic heat maps that make trends and anomalies in parking volume and citation issuance easier to spot by zone
  • Citation and permit revenue that provides a more complete picture of total revenue
  • Additional metrics that are meaningful for decision making and easy to navigate

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Enhanced Back-End Infrastructure

With a single place to easily gauge performance and spot trends, operators can source feedback while avoiding the time-consuming and error prone alternative of extracting data from multiple outside sources across their curbside solutions.

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