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Driving higher revenues from parking operations



increase in meter revenue


decrease in meter violations


increase in mobile payments since launch

The City of Boston’s metered spaces were collecting just under $14 million in parking payment revenue over the past 3 years. When mobile payments are introduced, the perception is that overall parking revenue will drop because less tickets are written, therefore hurting a valuable source of income. The idea is that the mobile convenience makes it easier for parkers to avoid citations. The launch of ParkBoston has proved that notion wrong. While tickets have dropped, revenue for the city is rising steadily as reported by the Boston Globe.

With Passport

ParkBoston surged to $3.4 million in revenue, up from $1 million the previous year. The ParkBoston app is helping parkers by reducing meter violations city-wide. However, the decrease in ticket fees seen by the city has been offset by the increased revenue through the app, creating a win-win for parking officials and parkers alike. ParkBoston is a private label application made specifically for the City of Boston. The app has been featured as one of the top apps in many publications, one of “must-have” apps in Boston, and has won awards for its marketing efforts and events. The app was launched in only 57 days, rolling out to all of Boston’s 8,000 meters in 2015, drawing huge support from the City’s Mayor, Marty Walsh.

“Ultimately, our goal is to get compliance. In general, what we’d like to see is that healthy turnover at the curb and people paying their meter.”– Chris Osgood, Boston’s Chief of Streets*

*In regards to the correlation of declining violations at the meter and increased app payments

Improved Revenue Stream

The Boston Globe credited the ParkBoston app with improving meter revenue volume in Boston. After being stagnant for a year, parking revenues rose by over 10% since the launch of the app. Mobile payments now account for nearly 40% of total parking revenues.

Where are they now

Since launching in 2015, Park Boston has increased its annual mobile transaction count by 185%. With over 350,000 users in the Boston area the app has reached 37% utilization, and accounts for 43% of all parking revenue. In 2019, the city implemented Passport Payments for merchant processing, helping to streamline back-office reporting and eliminate the need for multiple third party vendors.

ParkBoston Quick Facts

  • 8,000 metered spaces
  • 3M+ average annual transactions
  • 4.8/5 stat app rating
  • Fully responsive client support team


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