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Passport’s platform brings together best-in-class digital products including mobile pay parking, parking enforcement, digital permitting and payments to help you make decisions and take action in real time. Use the products you need and the rest when you’re ready. The result is a more integrated, efficient and reliable parking and mobility infrastructure.

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The Platform Designed to Keep Communities in Motion

  • Manage mobile pay parking, parking enforcement, digital permitting and payments through one powerful platform
  • Develop and implement effective policy using a single source of truth for data, analytics and insights
  • Manage your operation’s rules and logic, determine eligibility, manage rates and ensure compliance and enforcement all in one place
  • Implement a future-proof system that delivers increased revenue, higher efficiency, simplified processes and excellent customer experience

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Explore Passport’s Powerful Platform

Learn how Passport’s platform makes it easy to manage mobile pay parking, parking enforcement, digital permitting, payments and more, in one place.


Passport’s platform is the engine that powers your mobility operations. It brings together best-in-class digital products including mobile pay parking, enforcement, permitting and payments. All data aggregated through Passport’s portal provides insights to help you make decisions and take action in real time. Use the products you need and the rest when you’re ready. The result is a more integrated, efficient, and reliable parking and mobility infrastructure.

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Passport Enforcement equips officers with a digital, real-time solution that drives parking payment compliance. Improved technology ensures you can more efficiently manage citation issuance, evidence collections, revenue recovery, scofflaws and permitting.

How Enforcement works with the Platform

Passport’s platform enables clients to manage rules and rates to determine eligibility and payment plans, ensuring compliance through a cloud-based software solution. It seamlessly connects your parking systems and teams with officers on the street and includes countless integration capabilities, such as License Plate Recognition (LPR), to help optimize parking enforcement operations.

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Mobile Pay

Passport believes paying for parking should be simple and convenient. When you select Passport for your mobile pay parking solution, you get to implement our leading mobile application, Passport Parking, and have access to our ecosystem of other mobile and digital payment options.

How Mobile Pay works with the Platform

Passport’s platform makes paying for parking easier than ever by enabling parkers to pay from virtually any application. All rates and rules are configured in one place and pushed to each payment provider via APIs. From parking apps, navigation apps, in-car infotainment screens and more, the API allows cities and operators to easily manage an ecosystem of parking payment options.

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Digital Permits

Passport’s digital parking permit solution simplifies parking operations by digitizing permits and enforcement, saving you time and hassle. Eliminate manually approving and issuing physical permits, managing inventory or chasing down payments and renewals. Allow customers to manage their permits online and officers to easily enforce payment compliance.

How Digital Permits work with the Platform

Passport’s platform powers a digital permitting solution that allows clients to manage permits by license plates, eliminating the need for physical hang tags and decals. Enforcement and permit data are better connected while other integrations, like License Plate Recognition (LPR), can be leveraged for a more streamlined operation.

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Mobility Management

Mobility management doesn’t need to be complicated. Passport can apply its parking rates to delivery fleets and scooters to naturally balance the supply and demand of vehicle distribution. By establishing pricing models that incentivize mobility providers to keep their vehicles in use or use designated zones to park, proper coverage of vehicles across the city is maintained.

How Mobility Management works with the Platform

Passport’s platform allows cities to charge fleets and scooters zone-based pricing for time spent parked at the curb. By applying dynamic pricing models to these vehicles and analyzing their parking data in one place, cities can leverage the power of the platform to reduce congestion and create more livable communities.

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Passport Payments is integrated into all Passport solutions, eliminating the need to manage a separate gateway or merchant processor while providing significant cost savings with negotiated small-transaction rates across all major credit cards. Work with a mobility payments expert to leverage daily settlements, best-in-class security and other premium service offerings.

How Payments works with the Platform

Passport’s platform is integrated with full-service payment processing enabling clients to process all mobility transactions, including parking sessions, citation payments and permit applications within your system. Our clients realize huge cost savings and streamline their financial reporting by eliminating the need for 3rd party processors and gateways.

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Easy, Secure Payment Processing

Reduce your costs and improve your cashflow with Passport Payments

Work with a parking & transportation payments expert. Passport Payments is integrated across Passport’s digital platform – including connected partners – making it simple to process payments, and manage and collect your daily credit and debit card funds.

Benefits include:

  • Streamlined operations and reconciliation processes
  • Lower processing costs
  • Eliminated need for third-party gateways and processors

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