Borough of Fort Lee, NJ Case Study

Reducing congestion through an integrated LPR system



cars scanned in 15 minutes

The Borough of Fort Lee’s Parking Authority team forms a united front to protect the residential community from the more than 100 million transient commuters that funnel across the George Washington Bridge annually. Historically, commuters have found the quaint borough, only a few miles from Manhattan, a safe and economical place to park and catch the bus into New York City. But commuters often overstay and cause headaches for locals at the conclusion of the work day. The Parking Authority’s Executive Director, Gloria Gallo, is proud of her parking family’s dedicated commitment to the Fort Lee community. By implementing a fully-integrated, automated parking enforcement solution, powered by License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, Fort Lee ensures there is parking for residents to come home to each evening.

“The residents have more parking now… Our enforcement is much more efficient, we cover much more territory. They go right down the block, the camera picks up the plates, they know who’s registered, who’s not. It’s very simple. And that’s how we do our enforcement now.” — Gloria Gallo, Executive Director, Ft. Lee Parking Authority

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