How the Passport Operating System is Revolutionizing Parking

Digital technology has changed how we get places and do every day tasks. And that includes parking. The competition for access to streets and sidewalks has increased rapidly and there are no signs that it’s slowing down. From personal cars, motorcycles and pedestrians to ride sharing, scooters, city bikes, and curbside deliveries, we have more vehicles than ever interacting at the curb and needing precious space. This shift in behavior requires parking operations to adapt and work with providers that are prepared for growth and change. 

Introducing The Passport Operating System

The Passport Operating System helps manage all vehicle interactions, enforcement and permit operations and mobility payments through one system. At its foundation, Passport has built a strategic, decision-making platform that provides you with a single source of truth for data, analytics and insights needed to develop and implement effective policy management. 

The Operating System also provides the tools to manage your own operation’s rules and logic, determining eligibility, managing rates and ensuring compliance and enforcement. Finally, our Operating System gives you access to an open parking ecosystem, via APIs, providing the opportunity for additional apps such as delivery services, autonomous vehicles, micro-mobility, and more to integrate with your environment. This ultimately provides more parking choices for end-users.  It’s a future-proof system that delivers increased revenue, reduced costs, simplified processes and user experience innovation.

Increase revenue and decrease costs

With the Passport Operating System you can manage your entire parking operation using one solution which ultimately will save time and money. By integrating all your parking and enforcement solutions together on one platform you have less vendors to manage. Our parking solutions can increase compliance and drive mobile utilization, which will help decrease hardware maintenance costs and drive mobile pay parking revenue. Similarly, our digital enforcement solutions enforce 4x more ground and have been proven to increase compliance. 

Simplify processes and streamline operations

Eliminate the need for multiple back-offices, spreadsheets and manual processes. With Passport as your Operating System you have access to real-time reporting for your entire parking operation (from parking and enforcement to permits and payments) all in one back office system. The Passport Operating System provides access to:

  • Real-time overview of your parking, enforcement, and permits environments
  • Financial reports to conduct audits for grant applications, budget management and more
  • Trends and analysis on how to optimize operations

Enhance the user experience

With the Operating System, you have access to an open parking ecosystem which provides your end-user options to choose how they want to pay for parking. Whether it’s traditional meters and kiosks, new parking applications, or up and coming trends like connected cars or non-traditional parking apps (think mapping or other services), your end-users will have more options which will make paying for parking more convenient.

About Passport

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