3 Tips to Shorten the Mobile Learning Curve

Change can be tough — we all know that to be true. But in this age of mobile technology, things are changing quicker than ever, and we all need to stay up to speed.

Mobile technology is making big waves in the parking industry, especially for parking operators. Real-time information, quicker enforcement, and data reporting capabilities can all be accessed from a mobile device. Citation management solutions like Passport’s let parking enforcement officers monitor and issue tickets right from their phones. This is more convenient for everyone — no more handwriting tickets or manually entering data into your system.

Making the move from handwriting tickets to a full-fledged citation management solution may seem daunting, but by following these 3 easy tips, you can shorten the learning curve and ensure that your team is ready to go mobile:

1. Schedule Trainings as Needed

Hands down, you know your team best. If you feel like your enforcement officers need an additional training session or two to get used to the new system, call up your provider to request it. That’s what they’re there for!

At Passport, we’ve built a training program based on our experiences with a variety of clients with different needs. Since our clients know their parking environments best, we collaborate with them and pull additional details necessary to make the training process as seamless and effective as possible. Getting used to the new system is easy, but it’s important to be sure that everyone is comfortable before going out onto the field.

2. Answer Before They Ask

When your team has access to educational resources (like FAQs) on this new technology, they’ll be able to learn your new enforcement solution even quicker. It’s even better when your team members can access this information out in the field when the question arises.

For example, in Passport’s back-end system, we have a “Knowledge Base” center where parking enforcement officers can access video tutorials on FAQs. We even have video tutorials for operators on our various reporting features. We’re constantly building upon these resources to continue supporting each and every one of our clients.

3. Customize to Your Team

Your citation management platform should be designed around the way your team enforces. After all, that’s why citation management solutions make operations so efficient!

We encourage our clients to customize their system so it’s easiest for them — with drop down menu selections that appear as you’re issuing a citation, violation types, etc. Making your technology work for you will lead to quicker adoption from your team and bring long term success to your parking operations.

Making the change from handwriting tickets to a mobile solution should never be a steep learning curve. Utilizing a citation management solution will make your day-to-day operations quick, easy, and efficient. By following these 3 tips, you’ll be able to shorten the learning curve so that your team can adopt your new solution and make mobile work for you.