Enforcing Compliance Has Never Been Easier

Advanced camera monitoring allows officers to focus on addressing violations rather than manually verifying compliant vehicles, while integration with handheld ticketing devices streamlines ticket issuance and prevents appeals. Our robust software solution simplifies identification of various infractions such as time-limit, permit, or scofflaw violations.


Easy identification of violations

Quickly identify infractions

Improved efficiency

Reduce time spent on issuing citations

Enhanced staff experience

Automated process in verifying compliant vehicles

How LPR Works

1. LPR camera hardware is mounted on enforcement vehicles and an in-car tablet connects to the cameras, or officers can opt for a handheld camera

2. Cameras scan license plate numbers for payment and permit status, and digitally chalk vehicles in zones with parking time limits

3. Software on an in-car tablet alerts the parking enforcement officer driving the vehicle of a car in violation

4. Officers can accept or reject the violation and automatically send infractions picked up by the LPR system to on-foot officers’ mobile devices in real-time for printing

5. Scofflaws and allow / deny lists can also be detected

6. A robust back-end system houses all of your data, generates reports for administrative staff in real-time, and can automatically send notices to violators

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