Additional Fines and Penalties

Passport’s effective citation management system includes automated escalation processes to ensure consistent enforcement and efficient resolution of violations.


Increase penalty fines

Raise fees for overdue citations

Send additional notifications

Dispatch more alerts to notify offenders in a timely manner

Initiate further penalties

Implement additional penalties such as vehicle towing or booting

Letter Sending & Delinquent Revenue Recovery

Notify Violators Quickly

  • Request registered owner information from the DMV or NLETS
  • Generate tailored letters automatically
  • Escalate unpaid citations with automatic fees and letter campaigns
  • Pull registered owner information for delinquent payment notices
  • Send notifications of payment delinquency to registered owners
  • Track delinquent notices and payment for accurate reporting

Scofflaw & Immobilization

Identify and Address Repeat Offenders

  • Streamline scofflaw reporting
  • Identify habitual offenders
  • Flag scofflaw vehicles eligible for further enforcement actions like booting or towing
  • Integrate with tow processing companies, such as Barnacle and Autura
  • Search scofflaws by various criteria
  • View outstanding violations
  • Update statuses accordingly in the back-end

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