Simplified Payment Processing

Passport specializes in providing seamless payment processing solutions tailored to the unique needs of the parking and enforcement software industry. Our platform is designed to handle small parking transactions at the lowest cost, ensuring smooth and efficient payment experiences for cities, operators, and consumers.

Whether processing parking sessions, citations, permits, meters and pay stations, or an in-office POS system, Passport can help its parking operator and channel partner clients streamline all of these transactions into one centralized system that auto-matches your parking activity to payment activity.

Integration with Parking Systems

Seamlessly integrate Passport Payments into your existing parking management systems, meter hardware, enforcement software, or mobile apps. Our developer-friendly APIs and pre-built plugins make integration effortless, allowing you to enhance the payment experience for your customers.

Efficient payment processing

Streamline your parking transactions and reduce wait times for customers with our convenient payment processing solutions.

Enhanced security

Protect your customers' payment data and mitigate fraud with our advanced security features including the use of Network Tokens, address verification measures, and blocking card testing at the point of testing – all operating inside a PCI-certified environment.

Improved revenue collection

Maximize revenue collection and cash flow while minimizing revenue leakage with daily settlement and reporting from one source, making it easy to reconcile your accounts.

How It Works

  1. Integrate: Seamlessly integrate Passport Payments into your parking management systems or enforcement software using our developer-friendly APIs or pre-built plugins
  2. Configure Payment Options: Customize payment options to suit your parking business model, including hourly rates, fines, citations, and more
  3. Start Accepting Payments: Once integrated, start accepting payments from parkers and violators through various channels, including online, mobile apps, and payment kiosks
  4. Monitor and Manage Transactions: Track parking transactions in real-time through our intuitive portal. Access detailed reports, monitor revenue streams, and gain insights to optimize your parking operations

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