Monitor Feedback and Improve Services

Utilize the Parker Feedback survey to bridge the gap between cities and their parkers by collecting valuable insights into the parking experience after payment.

Our research indicates that cities struggle with collecting and interpreting feedback results, so we provide results and analysis for a seamless experience in Passport’s portal.

We ask questions that assess each parker’s satisfaction across a variety of metrics (including the parking process, amount of available parking, convenience, and more), then we provide graphs in Passport’s portal so cities can track these metrics among parkers and across time.


Monitor Trends Over Time

Visualize feedback trends through graphs in Passport’s portal and track satisfaction metrics among parkers over time.

Assess Satisfaction Across Key Metrics

Gain comprehensive insights into parker satisfaction by analyzing a variety of metrics, such as the parking process, amount of available parking, convenience, and more.

Streamline Feedback Analysis

Access and analyze feedback and survey results all in one place in Passport's portal.

How It Works

1. Upon completing a parking payment, users are asked to rate their experience, provide open-ended feedback and more.

2. Survey responses from parkers are collected, analyzed, and displayed in Passport’s portal.

3. City parking leaders can use this data to better understand how to improve the services they provide to parkers, monitor feedback trends over time and make data-driven decisions regarding parking operations.

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